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How to Get Home for Thanksgiving

Created by clp1701

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Planes, Trains & Automobiles .
How to Get Home for Thanksgiving game quiz
"Questions about the very funny John Hughes film."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is Neil Page doing in the movie's opening scenes?
    Presenting an advertising campaign
    Waiting for a cab
    Eating in a New York diner
    Waiting at the airport

2. What does Del Griffith sell for a living?
    Tape dispensers
    Extension cords
    Shower curtain rings
    Pencil sharpeners

3. What is the name of the cab that Neil and Del take to the motel in Wichita?
    Doobby's Taxiola
    Dean's Fab Cab
    Darryl's Love Machine
    Bubba's Taxi

4. Who operated the Braidwood Inn?
    Herb McDonald
    Sy Tanner
    Gus Mooney
    Carl Whitaker

5. What town does the "people train" go through?

6. What is the only credit card that Del carries?
    Kim Chee's Dry Cleaning
    Chalmers' Big and Tall Men's Shop
    Diner's Club
    Sinclair Oil

7. What video games can one play in the St. Louis bus station?
    Time Pilot and Pole Position
    Space Invaders and Defender
    Galaga and Centipede
    Asteroids and Pac-Man

8. What is the name of the rental car company from which Neil tries to rent a car?
    Answer: (a race (one word))

9. What is the car rental agent taking to her Thanksgiving dinner?
    Cranberry Salad
    Crescent Rolls

10. What is the license number of the car Del rents?
    N32 593
    D5N 378
    JDP3 HW
    TWR 4839

11. What does Del turn into while the car runs between two semi-trailer trucks?
    A Ghost
    A Vampire
    The Devil
    A Pirate

12. What is the name of the motel in Illinois where the boys stop for the night?
    Coral Court
    El Rancho

13. With what does Del try to rent a room?
    Two dollars, eight cents and a hunting hat
    Three dollars and a set of shower curtain rings
    Two dollars and a Casio
    Fifty-six cents and a coupon for a free haircut

14. What is written on the side of the truck in which Neil and Del hitch a ride to Chicago?
    Oh My Gosh, It's Oshkonoggin
    Wausau Freightways
    Oshkosh B'Gosh
    Prairie Farms Milk

15. At what "El" station do Neil and Del think they're parting company?
    La Salle/Van Buren

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