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Viking Journey

Created by Mr5

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Viking Journey game quiz
"Follow the steps of a legendary Norse adventurer as he will take you through the captivating Viking history. You'll be amazed by his unusual life story."

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1. The great Viking adventurer Harald Hardraade was the son of a Norwegian chieftain, born in 1015. Which of the following lands had already been explored or colonized by the Vikings by then?
    All three of them
    Vinland (Newfoundland)

2. In 1030 Harald Hardraade took part in the battle of Stiklestad against the Danes, who were very influential at the time. The Danes - Vikings originating from Denmark - had established several powerful centers both in England and in their homeland peninsula of Jutland. Which of the following was one of them?

3. Having lost the battle and with the king of Norway dead, Harald fled his country. As a young warrior, he was keen in searching new adventures. So he went to Kiev, hoping to change his fortune raiding the eastern regions. In Harald's time Kiev was no longer under the strict control of the Swedish Vikings, who had been assimilated by the Slavs. Yet, Kiev had been at some point the capital of the Rus state, after being conquered in 882 by...
    Vladimir the Great
    Rurik, prince of Novgorod
    Oleg, prince of Novgorod

4. Harald adventures were still far from over. While in Kiev, Harald fell in love with the princess. But he was still a poor wanderer who had to prove himself as a worthy warrior before aiming so high. This made him enroll in the Byzantine army, which had developed a special corps consisting of Viking soldiers, called...
    Republican Guard
    Praetorian Guard
    Varangian Guard

5. Returning from Constantinople a rich man, Harald convinced the Kievan princess to marry him. He then set sail for his native Norway. He claimed the throne of the country and he even won it in 1047, after defeating all the other claimants. As king of Norway, Harald had proud and glorious predecessors. However, which of the following didn't see the honor of occupying the throne of Norway before him?
    Erik Blodoks
    Harald Haarfagre
    Erik the Red
    Olav Trygvason

6. One of Harald Hardraade's significant achievements during his reign was the founding of an important Norwegian city. What was this city dating back to 1050?

7. Finding himself on the throne of Norway Harald Hardraade tried on several occasions to wrest the throne of Denmark from Svein Estridsen. None of his attempts succeeded though, so he turned his attention towards the islands of Shetland, Orkney and Hebrides, which he easily conquered. These islands had been previously colonized by the Vikings in the IXth century and have been regarded by historians as bases for further expansion towards Ireland and the North Atlantic. Since the mid IXth century, Ireland had witnessed many raids from the Vikings, the islands mentioned before holding a strategic position between Ireland and Scandinavia. However, just one year before Harald's birth, the Celts halted the Viking expansion in Ireland. Which legendary hero lead the Irish in the battle of Clontarf (1014)?
    Alfred the Great
    Brian Boru
    Charles the Bald
    Abd-er Rahman

8. Facing Svein's stubborn resistance, Harald finally made peace with him in 1064. On the other 'front' Harald was now holding strategic positions around Britain, so he decided to take over the highly coveted island, claiming sovereignty as the successor of Harthacanute (king of England between 1040 - 1042). But there were yet other contestants for this 'prize'; like the Duchy of Normandy, which was growing more and more influential. Back then Normandy was also under Viking rule, since it was given away by king Charles the Simple of France in an attempt to soothe the fury of the Norsemen's raids. When exactly was the territory ceded and to whom?
    in 1028 to Canute
    in 911 to Rollo
    in 845 to Ragnar Lodbrok
    in 1042 to Magnus

9. 1066 was an year to be remembered in the history England. Both Harald Hardraade and William of Normandy landed in England as claimants for the throne. But the sway was still in the hands of the Saxon king Harold Godwinson and he would not give it away without a fight. Harald Hardraade allied with the very brother of Harold, Tosting. Backed up by a large army, reinforced from Scotland, Ireland and the Orkney Islands, they invaded Yorkshire and won the battle of Fulford, conquering York on 24th September. The next day Harald faced Harold, but what an unfortunate day it proved to be for the brave Norwegian adventurer. At the age of fifty, after having faced and bested so many different adversaries, he finally met his match. The clash with Harold's forces was fatal for Harald as he was killed on the battlefield. Where did the battle take place?
    Stamford Bridge
    Stirling Bridge

10. One should definitely agree that Harald Hardraade's life is most exceptional and his story is worth coming to the fore. In fact, the reason because we know so much about this heroic Viking figure is that his saga has been immortalized in the "Heimskringla" - "The Circle of the World", a history of the kings of Norway. Who compiled this valuable work?
    Leif Erikson
    St Bertin
    Snorri Sturluson

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