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Get Fired up for Antarctica!

Created by biohazard930

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Get Fired up for Antarctica game quiz
"Kind of an oxymoron, but anyway, see how far your Antarctic knowledge goes!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who was the first person to claim to have seen Antarctica?

2. Identify the passage between South America and Antarctica.
    Answer: (Two Words - _____ Passage)

3. James Cook was the first person to enter the Antarctic Circle. True or False?

4. What is the name of the largest peninsula on Antarctica?
    Drake peninsula
    Antarctica peninsula
    Antarctic peninsula
    Amundsen peninsula

5. Which of these research bases belongs to Russia?
    Law Dome
    Blue Fields Camp

6. True or false? The magnetic south pole is located on the mainland of Antarctica.

7. Who was the first to fly successfully over the South Pole?
    Fabien Bellinghausen
    Ronald Amundsen
    Richard Byrd
    John Davis

8. Name the mountain range which divides the Antarctic.
    Answer: (Two words)

9. True or false? The Antarctic Circle completely contains Antarctica?

10. There is an island in the Ross Sea that is named after an American President? What is that island?
    Jefferson Island
    Roosevelt Island
    Lincoln Island
    Washington Island

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Compiled Jun 29 13