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The Move

Created by genegaz

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The Move game quiz
"The Move were a popular band in the 1960s, lets see how well people remember them."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Move was formed in what year?

2. The Move was formed during an impromptu after-hours jam session at which legendary Birmingham club?
    The Cedar Club
    The Marquee
    The Speakeasy
    The Filmore

3. The Move's manager was Tony ________

4. How many members were in the original line up of the Move?

5. What was the Move's first single called?
    Flowers in the Rain
    I Can Hear the Grass Grow
    Night of Fear
    Fire Brigade

6. "Flowers in the Rain" was the opening transmission of which radio station on 30 September 1967?
    BBC Radio 2
    BBC Radio 1
    Capital FM
    Heart FM

7. Who was the first member to leave the Move 1968?
    Roy Wood
    Trevor Burton
    Ace Kefford
    Carl Wayne

8. Name the Move's only number 1 single released in 1968.
    Beautiful Daughter
    Wild Tiger Woman
    Blackberry Way

9. Which were the only 2 members to remain in the Move from start to finish?
    Bev Bevan and Roy Wood
    Roy Wood and Carl Wayne
    Bev Bevan and Carl Wayne
    Bev Bevan and Rick Price

10. Which band did the remaining members of The Move form in 1971?
    Electric Light Orchestra
    Roy Wood's Army

11. Complete the line. "Wave your ______ and stop the train"

12. Who was the Move's drummer?
    Trevor Burton
    Ace Kefford
    Bev Bevan
    Carl Wayne

13. What was Ace Kefford's real name?
    Keith Kefford
    Chris Kefford
    Paul Kefford
    Adam Kefford

14. The Move were sued by Prime Minister Harold Wilson for distributing a postcard promoting which single?
    Night of Fear
    Flowers in the Rain
    Vote For Me
    Blackberry Way

15. The Move were famous for doing what during their live shows?
    breathing fire
    going naked
    destroying televisions
    smashing guitars

16. Which Move member experienced the beginnings of severe depression, suffering serious panic attacks which ultimately drove him out of the group?
    Rick Price
    Trevor Burton
    Carl Wayne
    Ace Kefford

17. Carl Wayne was credited with the most songwriting within The Move.

18. Who did the Move tour America with in the late 60s?
    Led Zeppelin
    The Beatles
    Jimi Hendrix
    The Who

19. Name the Move's album released in 1970 that is now the name of a band in America.
    California Man
    Looking On
    Message From the Country

20. Carl Wayne now sings lead vocals in which legendary group?
    The Seekers
    The Hollies
    The Eagles
    Deep Purple

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