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Dead Luck Era: 1919-2003

Created by Optimo52Pats

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Boston Red Sox
Dead Luck Era 19192003 game quiz
"This quiz will mark not only the end of a 85 year curse (Champs in '04); but will it also mark the hardest Red Sox quiz ever created?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 1986, with the AL East in hand, which team did the Sox finish the year off with, by getting swept at home in 4 games?
    Baltimore Orioles
    Texas Rangers
    New York Yankees
    California Angels

2. The Red Sox set a team record for longest winning streak with 15 games. What year did this occur?

3. In 1986, the Red Sox had the 11th best record ever in one-run games for a season, as well as the team record. What was their record in one-run games that year?

4. What was the name of the stadium the Sox played in prior to Fenway Park (Northeastern Univ. was built on top of it)?
    Miller Park
    Jefferson Park
    Mack Field
    Huntington Avenue Grounds

5. We all know Joe Morgan of ESPN and formerly of the Reds, but what was interesting about the Joe Morgan, that took over for John McNamara midway into the 1988 season, and managed the Sox from '88-'91?
    Morgan won 19 of his first 20 games with Boston
    Morgan was exclusively a Yankee during his playing career
    Morgan was ejected 13 times his first (half) year
    Morgan was used as a pinch hitter while managing

6. These jersey numbers added together of Mike Torrez, Bret Saberhagen, Johnny Pesky, and Dom DiMaggio, equal what?

7. What season did the Red Sox have the lowest winning percentage while managing to avoid last place?

8. Out of the 5 starting pitchers from the World Series Champs of 1918, we know Babe Ruth headed to the Yankees, which pitcher did NOT sign with the Yankees within the next 3 years?
    Carl Mays
    Joe Bush
    "Sad" Sam Jones
    Dutch Leonard

9. What was going on in Red Sox nation, on the day Christopher Trotman (Trot) Nixon was born?
    Fisk and Thurman Munson brawled in a Red Sox win
    A pigeon was killed with a foul ball in a Red Sox loss
    Boston won game 2 of the ALCS
    Boston lost a home opener in extra innings

10. In the only full season in which Ted Williams would hit over .400, how many games out of first did the Sox finish?

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Compiled Nov 04 12