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Created by niffweed17

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Hnefatafl game quiz
""Hnefatafl" is a board game created by the Vikings, in which the red army needs to get their king to the edge of the board, and the white army needs to capture the king. This is a quiz all about this game."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The white army has twice as many men as the red army?

2. What is the objective of the game?
    To capture all of the opponents pieces by entrapping them between two pieces
    To destroy the king or to move the king to the edge of the board
    To decimate the red army before 40 moves or to keep the red army safe for 40 moves.
    To pick up the board and throw it to the ground in fury

3. What are the dimensions of a standard Hnefatafl board?
    10 X 10
    11 X 11
    9 X 9
    8 X 8

4. The red player moves first?

5. How many spaces may any piece besides the king move?
    It depends on the position of the piece
    2 Spaces
    Any number of spaces
    1 Space

6. How many spaces may the king move?
    Any number of spaces
    2 Spaces
    It depends on the position of the piece
    3 Spaces

7. How may any piece other than the King be captured?
    By withdrawal away from the piece
    Pieces other than the king cannot be captured
    By entrapping the piece between 2 other pieces
    By jumping over the piece

8. How may the king be captured?
    By being entrapped by 3 pieces
    By replacement, as in chess
    By being entrapped by 2 pieces
    By being entrapped by 4 pieces

9. Which army are the red and white pieces supposed to represent in the game hnefatafl?
    The French and Swedish armies, respectively
    The French and Muscovite armies, respectively
    The Swedish and Muscovite armies, respectively
    The Muscovite and Swedish armies, respectively

10. Which of the following countries or areas under Viking influence did not play hnefatafl?

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Compiled Nov 05 13