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Legends Of Rock Guitar

Created by Bertho

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Legends Of Rock Guitar game quiz
"The fifteen guitar legends in this quiz have paved a road on which hundreds of other rock guitarists could follow. Each one has a distinctive sound. Some are long since gone but none of them forgotten. Note: This quiz is pre 80's guitarists."

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1. One could say Jimi Hendrix's life was one big blast of distortion. His career at the top lasted only four years before his death in 1970. What was peculiar about his guitar that made him very difficult to emulate?
    He custom made his stratocaster with a built in 'wah-wah' effect
    The tremolo arm was placed on the back of the guitar
    He used a wider fret board as he had very large hands
    Nothing. He just played his strat upside-down

2. This British legend of rock guitar once had Rod Stewart as the lead singer of his band. He was also lead guitarist of the Yardbirds replacing Eric Clapton. Two of his notable albums have included the George Martin produced 'Blow By Blow' and the brilliant self titled 'Guitar Shop' in 1989. Who is it?
    Peter Frampton
    Brian May
    Jeff Beck
    Jimmy Page

3. Ritchie Blackmore started his career as a session guitarist and played in several forgotten bands before finding success with which band?
    Deep Purple
    ZZ Top
    Jethro Tull

4. This legend of guitar is famous for his session work with artists such as Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Clarence Carter and King Curtis, but perhaps his most famous session was with Eric Clapton during the 'Layla And Other Love Songs' album recording. Along with his brother, he would record enough memorable tracks in his short life to ensure his place in guitar history. Who is this legend?
    Duane Allman
    Steve Winwood
    Hank B. Marvin
    Joe Walsh

5. David Bowie owes this guitarist a great deal. He added the lacking muscle to Bowie's sound with his unique guitar work in the late 60's and early 70's. He also produced Lou Reed's 'Transformer' and has played, arranged, and produced with just about everyone who's anyone in music. Who is this legend?
    Reeves Gabrels
    Mick Ronson
    Carlos Alomar
    Tony Sales

6. Peter Frampton, an accomplished guitarist at age 12, played lead in Brit band 'Humble Pie' before hitting mega-star status as a soloist. His live performances are legendary. Frampton literally made his guitar talk. How did he get this effect?
    By using a 'talkbox' and modulating by changing the shape of his mouth
    By using an effects pedal called a 'Stereo Phaser'
    By playing the guitar into a keyboard synthesiser
    By picking the guitar with his teeth close to the microphone

7. David Gilmour from Pink Floyd is an extremely atmospheric and expressive guitarist who pioneered many tuning and guitar effects like amplified feedback, reverb and screeching. He replaced another legend to become Floyd's lead six-stringer in 1968. Who did Gilmour replace?
    Pink Anderson
    Syd Barrett
    Roger Waters
    Floyd Council

8. This highly respected guitarist started his career in Mexico and closed out the 60's with a performance at Woodstock. Plenty of recording and touring with his self named band, and collaborations with other famous musicians kept his popularity high for the next thirty years. He picked up eight Grammys for the album 'Supernatural' in 1999. Who is this legend?
    Answer: (First and second name - two words)

9. Eddie Van Halen took machine gun fretwork to a new level and paved a style for the likes of Steve Vai and Yngwie Malmsteem to enhance. Van Halen also pioneered a technique that would become his trademark. What was it?
    Down tuning
    The two-handed or double tap
    Arpeggiating Triads
    Single Note Riffs

10. This guitarist isn't named 'Tommy,' but he knew how to smash up a guitar and he 'sure played a mean pinball.' 'Who' is this legend?
    Pete Townshend
    Pete Green
    Peter Rutherford
    Peter Frampton

11. 'Slow Hand' is not only the nickname of this legend, it's also the title of one of his best albums featuring 'Wonderful Tonight' and Cocaine.' Who is this legend?
    Answer: (First and second name - two words)

12. Even though his career didn't soar until the late 70's, Stevie Ray Vaughan deserves status as a rock guitar legend. He bridged the gap between blues and rock better than anyone else had done previously. What year was he tragically killed in a helicopter crash?

13. To many Jimmy Page is THE legend of guitar, a reputation thoroughly deserved. His early riff work and fusing of styles became the foundation of heavy rock/metal. Which of these bands HASN'T had a significant contribution of Page's abundant talent?
    Pearl Jam
    The Black Crowes
    Led Zeppelin
    The Yardbirds

14. This stayer made it from the 60's to the 90's out of the main stream with socially challenging and satirical compositions. He made over 60 albums and his guitar solos were long and self-described as 'aerian sculptures.' While he did a lot of solo work, his main stay band was called the 'Mothers' and his children have silly names like Moon Unit and Dweezil. Who is this legend?
    Iggy Pop
    Lou Reed
    Frank Zappa
    Neil Young

15. If you wanted to trace the origins of rock guitar, a good place to start would be with this man. A pioneer of multi track recording and electric effects, lightning fast jazz riffs and blues bends, he thrilled radio audiences as far back as the 1930's. In 1952 he teamed up with Gibson to design a guitar that to this day remains an industry standard. Who is this legend?
    Answer: (first and second names - two words)

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