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What a Card!

Created by SBH

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What a Card game quiz
"A quiz about playing cards and the games we play with them."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Playing cards vary from country to country. In English-speaking countries, the face cards are represented by the letters K, Q and J. Which face card is represented by the letter D in some countries?
    The letter D is never used on a face card

2. The suits in playing cards (hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs) developed from the symbols used in the "Minor Arcana" of the Tarot card deck. For instance, "pentacles" in the Tarot deck are equivalent to...?

3. There are many variations of the card game Solitaire. They all share a common element, as the name suggests. In fact, Solitaire is the French word for...?

4. You would usually play all the following card games with a full regular 52-card deck, except:
    Crazy Eights
    Gin Rummy

5. What two cards make up the highest possible hand in cribbage?
    Ace and King
    Jack and five
    Queen and five
    King and Queen

6. An ominous lady of the deck, she often has special powers and is sometimes thought to bring ill luck. Perhaps that's why she's often chosen as the "Old Maid" in the card game of the same name.
    Queen of Hearts
    Queen of Spades
    Queen of Clubs
    Queen of Diamonds

7. Who stole the tarts?
    The Knave of Hearts
    The King of Hearts
    The Queen of Hearts
    No one stole any tarts!

8. Just what are the odds of drawing to an inside straight in poker?

9. While we're on the subject of poker, what cards would you be holding in a "Dead Man's Hand"?
    Four jacks
    Kings and sixes
    All spades
    Aces and eights

10. If someone who was used to British/North American playing cards saw Italian playing cards, they might be surprised that...?
    There are only three suits
    The cards have no numbers
    There are no face cards
    The deck has 12 extra cards

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Compiled Apr 15 13