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The Iranian Embassy Siege

Created by YoungSmart

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The Iranian Embassy Siege game quiz
"The Iranian Embassy Siege in London and the following events first brought the SAS to eye of the general public. What do you remember?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was the name given to the operation of rescue (which took place in London)?
    Operation Torch
    Operation Eagle Claw
    Operation Thunderbolt
    Operation Nimrod

2. Originally six armed hostile gunmen walked into the embassy. How many survived?

3. How many SAS soldiers entered the building during the assault?

4. True or False. An SAS marksman killed a terrorist?

5. A trooper is about to enter through the front, but he doesn't know "Salim" (actual name Awn), one of the armed gunmen, is waiting for him. Awn takes aim, but is knocked off his shot by a police constable. What is the officer's name?
    Anthony Edwards
    Trevor Locke
    Mat Farell
    David Robinson

6. Near a flight of stairs, an SAS soldier hits a gunman with the butt of his MP5. Why didn't the operative shoot the gunman?
    The gunman was holding a hostage by the neck, as he approached from behind he deemed it safer to hit him with the butt than shoot
    Hostages were in the direct line of fire
    Both these reasons
    Neither of these reasons

7. The SAS operatives were placed in two groups. What were they?
    Red and Blue team
    Blue and Green team
    Red and Black team
    Green and Black team

8. What was the name of the room/area where the only hostage was killed during the raid?
    Tea Room
    Telex Room
    In the Foyer
    Meeting Room

9. What were the injuries suffered by members of the SAS during the assault?
    1 face wound, 2 burnt
    1 face injury, 1 abdomen injury, 1 chest wound
    1 abdomen injury, 1 burnt
    1 leg wound, 1 finger injury, 1 burnt

10. One of the soldiers was of a different nationality to the rest (who were British). What was his nationality?
    Papa New Guinean

11. Going in to "Nimrod", the British conceded the possibility of a high casualty rate. What was deemed an acceptable casualty rate(some say the expected casualty rate)?

12. What sparked the Army's involvement?
    The murder of a hostage
    Threats against the Prime Minister
    Shots being fired towards the police outside
    The over all danger of the situation

13. What was the terrorist's motivation for taking the building?
    They wanted money
    They were against Ayatollah Kohmeni's regime in Iran
    They wanted immigrant laws changed
    They wanted Britain to make reparations for their involvement in Oman/Mirbat some years earlier

14. Which of the following time frames is closest to the time the assault took?
    21-30 minutes
    41-50 minters
    31-40 minutes
    11-20 minutes

15. The SAS sat and watched the replay on television with the Prime Minister (Margaret Thatcher)

16. The terrorist gunmen did NOT use which of the following?
    Browning 9mm pistol
    RDG-5 frag grenade
    Kalashnikov AK47
    Spanish .38 revolver

17. On what day did the siege end?

18. The one gunman who survived was given what sentence?
    15 years
    A life term
    20 years
    2 months

19. Did the SAS wear body armour?

20. The van used by the SAS after the assault to get back to the barracks was:
    They used a car to get back to the barracks
    Privately owned by a nearby resident
    Owned by the Army

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