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ApologetiX Bible References

Created by Jacifan

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ApologetiX Bible References game quiz
"This is the first of several quizzes on ApologetiX songs that give references to Bible verses. I give you the line in which a Bible reference is named, and you give me the song!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. These first few quotes encompass several different books in the Bible. "You ought to take a look at Luke 16, Mark 9, and Jude, there's one little chapter."
    "Pray Now"
    "I Love Apostle Paul"
    "I'm a Receiver"
    "Droppin' on the Sun"

2. "You gotta read Leviticus 18 and read a little more, Deuteronomy 27, Habakkuk 2:4."
    "Sweet Oholibamah"
    "Rock and Roots"
    "Learn Some Deuteronomy"

3. "In Genesis 1:2 and the same verse in Hebrews says the Father made everything."
    "Donkey Talked With Him"
    "Ignorant Song"
    "Triune Godhead"

4. "Well, have you heard the story of the giant ship, which Noah started building in chapter 6?"
    "Not Logs Lincoln"
    "Big Deal"
    "E Z Kiel"
    "I Want In That Place"

5. "In chapter 11 you can look in Genesis, if you please."
    "Catch That Fever"
    "Smooth Grandmama"
    "Rock This Tower"
    "Sufferin' Just Finished"

6. "In Genesis 17, Abraham was gettin' old."
    "Santa Claus"
    "He Really Got Mad"
    "Isaac Man"

7. "Genny 22's where I turn to."
    Answer: (Two Words - one word and one number)

8. "They have Exodus 3 if you plan to read more."
    "Armageddon Valley Someday"
    "La Bible"

9. "You can read Exodus halfway through, you'll see that line in chapter 20 cause it's there too, yes, indeed, chapter 20 verse 3."
    "Naomi Gonna Be With Ruth"
    "One Way"
    "No Chain"
    "All the Stalls Stink"

10. "All I want for you is to read Numbers please, Chapter 22, sugarpop."
    "Wake Up Talitha Cumi"
    "I'm Gonna Feed (500 Mouths)"
    "Donkey Talked With Him"

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Compiled Jun 28 12