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JFK: The Suspects

Created by robert362

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Kennedy, John F.
JFK The Suspects game quiz
"Here's a look at the suspects in the shooting of JFK. Most choices are names associated with the event. Hard quiz - definitely not for the casual beginner -- but a lot of information for those who are interested."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Oswald: In 2003, a woman has came forth and suggested that she was Oswald's mistress in Dallas at the time of the assassination. What is the name of this woman?
    Helen Markham
    Madeline Brown
    Ruth Paine
    Judyth Baker

2. Vietnam: A recent book suggests that the assassination was in retaliation for the Kennedy administration's involvement in the assassination of this Vietnamese leader.
    Ho Chi Minh

3. LBJ: Still another book suggests that LBJ engineered the assassination. Who was in the vice-presidential car along with LBJ in Dallas?
    Arlen Specter
    Ed Hoffman
    Mark Lane
    Ralph Yarborough

4. FBI/CIA Intelligence: This individual claims to have been involved with intelligence operations -- and also claims to have allowed himself to be arrested at the time of the assassination so that s)he would have an alibi.
    Rose Cheramie
    Richard Case Nagel
    Karyn Kupcinet
    David Ferrie

5. Cuba: It has been suggested that JFK was targeted by Cubans in part due to the Bay of Pigs affair. How did the plans to invade Cuba (that culminated in the failure at the Bay of Pigs) originate?
    It originated with rogue intelligence agents during the Kennedy administration
    It originated with JFK
    It originated during the Eisenhower administration
    It originated with RFK

6. Judith Exner has been identified as a woman who apparently had a relationship with both JFK and with which mob leader?
    Sam Giancana
    Carlos Marcello
    Johnny Roselli
    Santos Trafficante

7. Big Oil: Big Oil has been accused of complicity in the shooting. Clint Murchison was one big oilman at that time; which of the following was another "big oil" man?
    Christian David
    Gordon Arnold
    E Howard Hunt
    H.L. Hunt

8. Right Wing: The radical right has also been accused of involvement in the assassination. Which of the following is NOT a member of the radical right?
    Guy Bannister
    Edwin Walker
    James Hosty
    Howard Milteer

9. Soviet Union: This individual claims to have been involved in monitoring Oswald's activity on behalf of the Soviet Union.
    Earlene Roberts
    Allen Dulles
    Yuri Nosenko
    Silva Odio

10. The Shooters: Which of these has NOT been identified as one of the shooters?
    Charles Harrelson
    L:ucien Sarti
    Charles Rogers
    Lee Bowers

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Compiled Apr 27 13