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Easiest Quiz Ever - HONESTLY!

Created by tralfaz

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 10 Q. Impossible
Easiest Quiz Ever  HONESTLY game quiz
"100 of the easiest points you'll ever get at FunTrivia."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Why did American colonists protest the Tea Tax with the Boston Tea Party?
    They were sold tea flavored Tics-Tacs
    The tax raised the price of tea
    The tax lowered the price of tea
    The British put tacks in tea

2. Did the 18th Amendment to the Constitution (Prohibition) outlaw drinking?
    No - drinking was still legal during Prohibition.
    No - it was the Volstead Act that outlawed drinking.
    Yes and No - it was only illegal to drink hard liquor.

3. Why were baseball's Chicago White Sox nicknamed "The Black Sox"?
    They had the first black player in the American League
    They threw the 1919 World Series
    Their dirty uniforms
    Their stirrups were black

4. How many bars were on the Confederate States' flag "The Stars and Bars"?
    3 horizontal bars
    1 vertical bar
    2 bars in an X

5. Who first developed a theory of evolution?
    Herbert Spencer
    Isaac Newton
    Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
    Ernst Haeckel

6. What was the first country to ratify the United Nations' charter?
    United States

7. Alexander Hamilton was born in the British West Indies. What does this mean?
    He could not become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
    He could not become President of the US
    Absolutely nothing
    He could not become Speaker of the House

8. The smallest (in face value) US currency note that is legal tender today is worth how much?
    3 cents
    100 cents
    15 cents
    132 cents

9. The presidential election of 1864 was probably the most important in American history. What political party did the winner, Abraham Lincoln, belong to?

10. Who is interred in Grant's Tomb?
    Catherine Grant
    Mary Grant
    Julia Grant
    Elizabeth Grant

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