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What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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folder Before They Were President (5) folder Presidential Quotes (13)
folder President's Families (35) folder Philandering Presidents (3)
folder Presidential Deaths (11) folder Presidential Firsts (10)
folder Presidential Assassinations (7) folder Presidential Inaugurations (3)
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1 Impeachment Death Match: Nixon v. Clinton
Tonight's main bout is a tough match between two hard-hitting fighters. Show your ticket to the usher, pay a visit to the concession stand, and make your way to your seat. Cheer for the party of your choice, but may neither man win.
15 Q
Jul 26 03
6690 plays
2 Mr. President, If You Please...
Some presidents would rather be called "Mr. President" instead of their birth names or nicknames. This quiz is a tribute to presidents whose names were changed before they entered office, or weren't changed and were ridiculed.
10 Q
Jan 08 10
1926 plays
3 I was Not the President
But he WAS my brother. Can you identify these siblings of US presidents?
10 Q
Feb 11 15
369 plays
4 25 Questions about US Presidents
Here are 25 multiple-choice questions about some of the people who have served as US president.
25 Q
Feb 18 13
1314 plays
5 There is no J in President
There may be no "J" in the word president but there were many US presidents who had the letter "J" in their name. Guess the "J" president from the clues given.
10 Q
Jan 24 13
762 plays
6 American Presidents
A tough quiz about the U.S. presidents.
15 Q
Jun 14 00
5586 plays
7 What You Didn't Know About the U.S. Presidents
We all know that the presidents lead our nation. But did you know that there is more to the President than politics and economics? This quiz is on interesting facts about the Presidents of the United States.
10 Q
Feb 18 07
2244 plays
8 20 Questions about Recent US Presidents
Here are 20 multiple-choice questions about some of the people who have served as US president since 1945.
20 Q
Jul 12 13
1371 plays
9 America's Political Olympians - Presidents
Can you identify which US President won the election in the years that I identify by the Summer Olympics site? Have fun.
10 Q
May 14 12
354 plays
10 Hail To The Chef!; Presidential munchies
Presidents, like everyone, have their likes and dislikes when it comes to food. George H.W. Bush hated broccoli, Reagan loved jellybeans, and LBJ had to have chili on board Air Force One. Here is a quiz about presidential food preferences.
10 Q
Oct 04 09
381 plays
11 "Mister President" -- American Style
This is an easy quiz designed to show that history does have interesting points. My father was an American history instructor who was considered A-1 by his students and school. What made him so special was that he always told an interesting story or two
10 Q
Apr 28 04
2577 plays
12 More Facts ON American Presidents
When the President puts something on the whole world takes notice. Let Socks, the Clintons' appropriately named cat, guide you through the evolving world of men's fashion as seen on the international 'catwalk' models that are the presidents of the USA.
10 Q
May 20 12
519 plays
13 Presidential Hyperlink
These days it seems everyone has a blog! Imagine if former US Presidents joined the madness. Using the 'blog addresses' provided, guess which president's page you'd be visiting.
10 Q
Nov 14 06
1875 plays
14 US Presidency Grab Bag!
Some facts on the presidents of the United States of America. Let's see how well you know Wilson from Washington.
10 Q
Jun 29 08
1614 plays
15 Commander in Chief - U.S. Presidential Trivia
If you are a presidential history buff, or just like interesting facts about any of our U.S. presidents, this quiz should pique your interest. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jan 21 12
771 plays
16 Which Mr. President Am I? Part 1
I am the President of the United States, the most powerful man in the world. Can you use the clues to work out who I am?
15 Q
Oct 20 03
4293 plays
17 Presidential Potpourri
This quiz contains interesting questions about American presidents that have not previously been asked.
Very Difficult
15 Q
Aug 22 04
1950 plays
18 Odd Bits about U. S. Presidents
This quiz is a potpourri of odd and interesting facts about the men who served as president of the United States. The quiz covers the first 42 presidents, from George Washington up through Bill Clinton. (George W. Bush and after are not included.)
10 Q
Jan 25 10
555 plays
19 Schlesinger Poll of Presidential Ratings
To quote David Boorstin in the Congressional Quarterly, "In 1962, professor Arthur Schlesinger, Sr. asked for the views of 75 highly regarded historians to rate all the presidents." Let's look at this poll and see how the Chief Executive were rated.
10 Q
Sep 01 09
252 plays
20 Presidential Oddities
They may be the most powerful men in the world, but they are also human. Take a look at some of the odd things they have done before and during their reign as president.
10 Q
Dec 08 09
693 plays
21 Presidents of the United States
This quiz will test you on some significant details about certain presidents. How well do you know Roosevelt from Jefferson?
10 Q
Mar 24 11
933 plays
22 American Presidents Mixed Knowledge
Can you answer these questions about U.S. presidents?
10 Q
Jul 30 02
3948 plays
23 Which Mr. President Am I? Part 3
This is the third and final installment of "Which Mr. President Am I?". Even if you haven't tried the other parts you may still enjoy this quiz which looks at the trivial side of being President of the United States.
15 Q
Nov 28 03
2676 plays
24 All President and Accounted For #2
In this quiz I will give you the names of two presidents who have a common link or historical relationship. From the four possible answers try and select the correct one.
10 Q
Sep 16 05
846 plays
25 Which Mr. President Am I? Part 2
I know you want more, more Presidents, more power, and more trivia. Here it is, if you are brave enough.
15 Q
Nov 09 03
3009 plays
26 Facts About US Presidents
Here are some interesting tidbits about our presidents. See how many you can get right. All of these answers have been verified through World Book Encyclopedia as of the year 2000. Good luck!
10 Q
May 10 00
7008 plays
27 Presidential Trivia or Trivial Presidents
Here are a few interesting, amazing or amusing facts about a few of the early Presidents of the United States. Have fun!
10 Q
Sep 15 10
897 plays
28 Presidential Common Bonds
This quiz will give you the names of 3 U.S. presidents that have something in common (other than having been president) with one of the choices. Some may be obvious and some are more obscure.
10 Q
Jun 11 06
699 plays
29 Hailing the Chief in the Nineteenth Century
Twenty-two men served as President of the United States throughout the nineteenth century. How much do you know about these men and their presidencies? Part one of two.
10 Q
Mar 14 13
309 plays
30 Hail To The Chiefs
Every four years powerful politicians spend millions of dollars vying to be President of "the land of the free". It is a serious job, but being US President does have its quirky moments. Here are some for you to identify.
10 Q
Oct 06 12
453 plays
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* Whose was the first Presidential library?
* Which President was a tailor in Greeneville, Tennessee?
* Which President besides JFK is buried in Arlington National Cemetery?
* Who is the only President to come from Indiana?
* Whose grave can be found in Montpelier Station, Virginia?

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