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1 US Secretaries of War
The post of the Secretary of War was very important throughout the growth and development of the United States. How much do you know about some of those pivotal men? Enjoy!
10 Q
May 12 14
195 plays
2 1970s All American Politics
How much do you remember from the days of Watergate?
10 Q
Oct 22 08
2022 plays
3 1980s All-American Politics
How much do you remember from the post-Watergate decade?
10 Q
Nov 20 08
1602 plays
4 1960s All American Politics
How much do you know about the decade that saw the first wave of influence of the Baby Boomers?
10 Q
Oct 08 08
1584 plays
5 U.S. Government
This is a quiz about general knowledge of the United States Government.
15 Q
Aug 01 07
4284 plays
6 The Project for the New American Century
The Project for the New American Century was founded in 1997. If you are at all familiar with American politics, you are quite likely familiar with many members of the PNAC. How much do you know about them and what they advocate?
10 Q
Jun 27 07
465 plays
7 Political Potpourri
Team quiz by The Sizziloons
This the first Sizziloon team quiz. We all hope you enjoy it and give us feedback.
10 Q
Nov 08 10
840 plays
8 Diplomacy and Tact: U.S. Secretaries of State
Throughout U.S. history, secretaries of state have played a major role in formulating American foreign policy decisions. Take this quiz to test your knowledge on ten of these diplomats. Have fun.
10 Q
Nov 25 08
657 plays
9 United States Government Agencies
The United States government is made up of well over 100 diverse agencies, offices, services and bureaus. Let's see how much you know about them.
10 Q
Jul 10 12
366 plays
10 Presidential Love
Behind every President of the United States there was a First Lady. Many had unique stories and some of them are presented here for your enjoyment.
10 Q
Jul 08 13
732 plays
11 What Ever Happened to You-Know-Who?
This quiz is looking at people and political parties, most of whom just don't seem to pull it all together. Winning and success are almost never there. Whatever happened to these people?
10 Q
Jul 04 12
555 plays
12 U.S. Politics Viewed from Britain
This is a quiz on United States politics compiled from Britain. Sorry to our friends across the pond who may find this all too easy, but this quiz is for the non-U.S. student.
15 Q
Aug 11 04
2379 plays
13 Basics of American Government
This quiz tests the basic knowledge of American government.
15 Q
Nov 27 02
2712 plays
14 Who was in the 2000 Cabinet?
Everyone should know at LEAST two of the members of the cabinet. See how many you know!
15 Q
Nov 06 00
1911 plays
15 Will Rogers Political Quotes
Below are notable quotes about politics and politicians by Will Rogers. Decide which word(s) should go into the blank space. More attributable quotes from him in each info section.
10 Q
May 31 12
312 plays
16 Early US Trivia
Some questions about American independence and related early US history. The questions are all multiple choice.
10 Q
Jul 29 13
1236 plays
17 Generations - U.S. Politics
Fathers and sons and daughters and more. Fill in the last names of these distinguished political families.
Very Difficult
10 Q
Apr 10 09
321 plays
18 Politicians of the Confederacy
Team quiz by Quiz Makers Guild
The men who led the American Confederacy ultimately failed to achieve independence. Come take a look at these historical personalities and their deeds.
10 Q
Apr 22 13
330 plays
19 U.S. Municipal Government
"All Politics are Local" Speaker Tip O'Neill
10 Q
Aug 12 07
555 plays
20 U.S. Government Firsts
See if you know who was first when it comes to U.S. Government History!
10 Q
Mar 10 08
1284 plays
21 Left Handed Historical Figures
These historic politicians all had such great accomplishments throughout our history, but they all had one thing in common; they were all left-handed.
10 Q
Jul 19 10
738 plays
22 Mark Twain Political Quotes
Below are notable quotes about politics and politicians by Mark Twain. Decide which word(s) should go into the blank space(s). More attributable quotes from him in each info section.
10 Q
Mar 29 12
378 plays
23 U.S. Government Seconds
Take a 2nd try at these U.S. Government seconds?
10 Q
Feb 18 10
333 plays
24 The Disaster Declaration Process
Just what is involved in the presidential declaration process of a disaster? When and how does the federal government become involved in a state's affairs in a disaster?
10 Q
Jan 03 06
381 plays
25 American Politics - History and Basic Ideas
This quiz deals with American Government, Politics and the founding of the nation. Hope you guys can answer these questions, (You should be able to if you have had any history classes)!
15 Q
May 24 01
4983 plays
26 Which Department?
The United States has several government agencies prepared to help the population with many everyday occurrences or problems, but it's not always easy selecting which department to consult. See if you can help our citizens find the right department.
10 Q
Nov 11 12
294 plays
27 American Politics in the 1980s
The 1980s: US leaders and policies.
10 Q
Sep 14 04
1503 plays
28 Democrat or Republican Idea?
I'll give you a party platform (most are from the 2000 campaign) and you choose whether it belongs to the Democrats or Republicans. Use R for Republican and D for Democrat.
10 Q
Oct 23 00
5988 plays
29 Hobby Lobby
In the US, influencing government and legislation is big business, even for the simplest of hobbies and interests.
10 Q
Mar 11 14
228 plays
30 C19 Politicians and Political Parties
During the 18th and 19th Centuries the Politicians and Political Parties of the United States created some of the most important and often volatile changes in our history. This is a small sample of some events during that period of time.
10 Q
Apr 16 00
603 plays
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This is category 2000
Last Updated May 29 14 4:14 PM

Some sample questions from this category:

* Serious differences among the Federalists resulted in the creation of a new Party. What was the name given by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison for this new Political Party ?
* Which of these vice-presidents was elected to that office for two terms, but under different presidents?
* During Andrew Jackson's Presidency his opponents established the Whig Party. Who were the original leaders of the Whig Party?
* The Free-Soil Party was organized on a platform opposing the extension of slavery. The slogan of the Party was 'free soil, free speech, free labor and free men.' Who was the presidential nominee of the Free-Soil Party in 1848?
* During James Buchanan's Presidency five States seceded from the Union. Which was the first State to secede?

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