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The New "Land Of The Lost"

Created by LilSpikey

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The New Land Of The Lost game quiz
"This quiz is about the remake of the TV series "Land of the Lost", starring Timothy Bottoms, Robert Gavin, Jennifer Drugan, and Shannon Day. It aired shortly in 1991 and 1992. This quiz is not about the show from the 1970s."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. First of all, how did the Porter family arrive in the land of the dinosaurs?
    The family was shipwrecked.
    A plane crash stranded the Porters in this strange new world.
    While exploring a cavern, Tom, Kevin, and Annie fell into a deep hole.
    They drove through an underground time warp.

2. Which two characters did the Porters meet in the second episode, "Something's Watching"?
    Namaki and Christa
    Tasha and Stink
    Christa and Stink
    Shung and Nim

3. How did Annie "kill" the cyborg?
    Annie and Kevin stabbed the cyborg with stone spears.
    Annie tricked it into being attacked by Scarface.
    She flashed Simon's camera at the cyborg.
    She led it into a lake.

4. An attack from what type of creature led to Kevin's temporary blindness in "In Dinos We Trust"?
    Venemous iguana

5. Was Tasha ever kidnapped by the Sleestaks?

6. In which episode did the family come close to returning home?
    Flight to Freedom
    Heat Wave
    Dream Maker
    Life's a Beach

7. Who was Christa's childhood friend?

8. Why did the Porters think they had returned to San Francisco in "Dream Maker"?
    An eclipse of the moons caused them to see things that were not real.
    A mysterious machine was making their visions seem real.
    The entire episode was a dream Tom had, where he imagined himself going home.
    All three of the Porters entered a cave that was overrun by a plant that caused hallucinations.

9. How many moons appeared in the night sky of the prehistoric world?
    Answer: (One Word (the word or just the number))

10. Last of all, in the hilarious final episode, "Misery Loves Company", did Stink actually injure his foot when he fell off the roof?

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Compiled Jun 28 12