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Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Created by Shrinamon218

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Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry game quiz
"This quiz is about the book "Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry" by Mildred Taylor. It should be easy if you've read the book."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who were burnt by the Wallaces in Smellings Creek?
    Henrietta Toggins and her sister
    Moe Turner and his niece
    Clara Davis, her mother, and her friend
    Samuel Berry and his two nephews

2. What did Cassie and the guys do to get revenge on the bus driver?
    They messed up the engine and made a gas leak.
    They dug a large ditch so the bus would fall in.
    They slashed the tires of the bus.
    They put super glue on the steering wheel so the bus driver's hands would get stuck.

3. Who is the white boy that walks to school with the Logans?

4. Who buys a silver Packard just like Mr. Granger?
    Big Ma
    Uncle Hammer

5. What do R.W. and Melvin do to T.J. when T.J.'s not around?
    They work on T.J.'s homework that he left.
    They keep working on the tree house that he's always wanted.
    They make fun of him.
    They pretend that they don't know him.

6. How does T.J. make Stacey give him his new coat?
    He threatens him saying that if he won't give it to him then he won't be his friend anymore.
    He tells Stacey that he looks like a hobo in the coat.
    They fight over it and who ever wins gets the coat.
    He tells Stacey that he looks like a preacher.

7. Who steals the pearl-handed pistol from the Barnetts?
    R.W. and Melvin
    R.W. and T.J.
    It was all a trick, never stolen at all
    Melvin and T.J.

8. What does Mr. Granger raise the cotton percentages to?

9. How does Papa stop everyone from hanging T.J.?
    By starting a fire on the Wallace land
    By starting a fire on the Harrison land
    By starting a fire
    By starting a fire on the Montier land

10. Why does Cassie cry for T.J. at the end even though she had never liked him?
    All of these
    Because he was going to die for something he didn't do
    Because T.J. had been a part of her life
    Because he would never be able to walk to school with them anymore

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Compiled Jun 28 12