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Ready or Not? Literature and General Questions

Created by Bruyere

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Ready or Not Literature and General Questions game quiz
"Here is a quiz to help you determine if your questions are ready to submit to our editing staff. Remember that the more work you've done beforehand, the more we can concentrate on getting your quiz the attention it deserves. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which question is NOT ready to submit?
    Who discovered the body under the bed?
    How did George and Rita escape from the wicked witch's castle?
    Marlene ran away from...
    Why did Romeo and Juliet's parents object to their marriage?

2. Here are some true and false items. Which one is properly formed?
    George and Rita escaped from the witch's castle by tying sheets together.
    Yes or no: George and Rita escape.
    George and Rita escaped from the witch's castle by tying sheets together?
    Did George and Rita escape?

3. Which of these literature questions is ready to submit?
    An easy one: who wrote this book?
    Danny Dunn?
    Who said I hate your guts and I am leaving you.
    Who was the first person to be found murdered?

4. Which of these questions is ready to submit and a correctly formed question?
    Loralee married........
    Loralee married who.
    Loralee married______?
    Who(m) did Loralee marry?

5. Which of the following questions is ready?

    In Voltaire's "Candide", what is the name of the city Candide discovers?
    How many times does Susie mention her father on page three?
    How many books are in the "Lorelei" series as of 2003?
    Where does author Kurt Vonnegut live?

6. Here's another question form. Pick the best written question from the following choices.
    Was Arthur afraid of dogs. (y/n)
    Arthur hated dogs? (t/f)
    Arthur loved/hated dogs. (type in loved or hated)
    Was Arthur afraid of dogs? (y/n)

7. Which of these literature questions is correctly proofread?
    Why did Bernard's wifes brother hate him?
    Who's cigarettes and business cards were found at the scene of the crime?
    Julia left the party with____?
    Why was Julia nervous when Detective Sam Spade neared the closet door?

8. Which of these questions has been correctly proof-read?

    What is Susans middle name?
    What was Als cousin's name?
    How does their parents die?
    What did Inspector Redherring discover about the garbage chute?

9. Which FITB (Fill In The Blank) answer is ready to submit and probably acceptable to the Quizzyland editing staff?
    High Fidelity
    Catch 22&Catch twenty-two&catch twenty two&CATCH 22
    She spoke Spanish to him
    All the king's men&all the kings men&ALL THE KINGS MEN

10. Which of the following FITBs is acceptable on a quiz at Quizzyland?
    Gone with the wind
    All's well that ends well&alls well that ends well
    Because she didn't love him&becoz she didn't love him
    Lyriel's star&lyrial's star

11. Which sentence is properly proof-read or written?
    Who always says I'm on my way home.
    Who say's "I'm hungry" in Chapter one?
    Whose the character who's always hungry?
    Which character always said he was on his way home?

12. Which information blank is ready to submit to the editors as part of your quiz?
    Dupin based the character of Uncle Thomas on his own Uncle Charles who raised him.
    In the movie she doesn't die.
    I really liked this part.
    He's so cute.

13. Which of these questions is ready to submit to the editors?
    On page three Andrea is wearing.....?
    According to Andrea, why does she decide to leave for Ohio?
    In the next novel Andrea is going to start a new life in Ohio. t/f
    What is Joe Stark's upcoming novel going to be called?

14. Which of the following questions is acceptable?
    Where does Stephen King live?
    Where did Emily Dickinson die?
    How many children does Stephen King have?
    What is Mary Higgins Clark's cat's name?

15. Which of these questions is acceptable?
    What did Detective Spillane discover in the closet?
    Next, on what page did Bat Masterson die?
    Finally, what was the name of the character in question five?
    This is an easy one: who killed the person in question three?

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