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'M*A*S*H' - 'The Korean Surgeon'

Created by thejazzkickazz

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'M*A*S*H' - Season 5
MASH  The Korean Surgeon game quiz
"The 4077th is inundated once again by a shipment of fresh wounded men, this time from a North Korean aid station. One of the wounded happens to be a North Korean doctor, but what will be his fate? Let's find out...good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Among the fresh wounded that arrive at the 4077th at the beginning of this episode is a North Korean doctor. We discover that he is in fact a doctor by the fact that he has already diagnosed several of his fellow patients. In the most serious case, the doctor suggests that the patient has intra-abdominal bleed, probably caused by which of these?
    Punctured lung
    Ruptured spleen
    Burst appendix
    Perforated intestines

2. In the operating room, despite his objections to treating a 'commie', it is Frank who completes the operation on the North Korean doctor.

3. Following the O.R. scene, we see the Korean surgeon recovering in the post-op ward. The patient in the bed next to him seems to be having trouble, and he is unable to summon the nurse (Margaret, in this case). What seems to be the problem with his fellow patient?
    Labored breathing
    Bandages have loosened
    External bleeding

4. Hawkeye and BJ converse quietly with the Korean doctor while he rests in post-op. They discover that he is indeed a surgeon, just like them, only working for the other side. He claims to have been educated in medicine at which university in the United States?

5. The Korean doctor suggests to BJ and Hawkeye that he would love to continue his work as a surgeon, which gives them an idea. They decide to disguise him as a South Korean doctor, newly dispatched to the 4077th by I-Corps. Radar is recruited in this secret operation. What incentive is Radar given for this co-option?
    A stack of Hawkeye's nudist volleyball magazines
    Participation in the nurses' annual physicals
    A six-day pass to Tokyo with recommendations at Hawkeye's favorite geisha house
    Knowledge of the location of a peephole in the nurses' showers

6. Radar's assistant in acquiring the necessities to transform this North Korean doctor to a South Korean will naturally be his operator friend Sparky. What item does Hawkeye offer up as a bribe for Sparky?
    A year's supply of aftershave lotion
    A trip for two to Honolulu
    A solid gold Chinese watch
    A slightly used, army-green American jeep

7. The North Korean surgeon's real name is Paik Syn, but for purposes of his South Korean disguise, he takes on which of the following names?
    Sung Kiang
    Cho Won Ho
    Rho Woo Yung
    Lee Hong

8. Margaret visits Colonel Potter's office while the 'new' surgeon is being presented to the Colonel. She is immediately suspicious, claiming to recognize the doctor. He responds to Margaret by asking if she has ever visited a certain 'gin mill' in Seoul, but which one?
    The Red Palace
    The Blue Mandarin
    The Pink Pagoda
    The Green Temple

9. After the first surgery session with the new Korean doctor, the scene shifts to outdoors, where Klinger, Radar and Frank encounter a jeep driven by two men claiming to be South Korean soldiers. They request provision of some supplies, and use flattery to convince Frank to furnish them. They thank Frank for his generosity, at which time Frank claims to be 'the _______________ of Korea.' Which famous doctor's name goes in the blank?
    David Livingstone
    Walter Reed
    Albert Schweitzer
    Benjamin Spock

10. The Korean doctor recognizes that the two 'South Korean' soldiers are actually North Korean. He recommends that they be given supplies and allowed to go. Before they leave, however, they 'kidnap' which member of the 4077th?

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