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Snakes, Sneaky and Otherwise

Created by Wisetao

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Snakes Sneaky and Otherwise game quiz
"Snakes are among the most fascinating and feared of all animals. Let's see how much you know about these special and specialized animals! Most of these can be found in the United States."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Snakes of the genus Natrix will most likely be found:
    In or near fresh water
    In rocky highlands
    In the desert
    In the sea

2. At one time swamp snakes belonging to the Liodytes or Seimatrix genera were quite rare. However, their numbers have been vastly increased due to:
    The introduction of the water hyacinth
    The construction of canals in Florida
    Federal protection
    The near-extinction of their main predator

3. Snakes belonging to this group flatten their heads, hiss loudly, and swell up with air when threatened. What are you dealing with here?
    Pine woods snake
    Garter snake
    Hognose snake
    Ringneck snake

4. The rainbow snake (Farancia erytrogramma) feeds primarily upon:
    Mice and voles

5. The green snake turns blue when:
    It dies
    It lays eggs
    It mates
    It is captured

6. When this snake is confronted, it may rise up on its tail and fight back. Who is it?
    Rat snake
    Patch-nosed snake
    Indigo snake
    Mud snake

7. Pine snakes, bull snakes, and gopher snakes all belong to this genus:

8. The boomslang is a famous venomous rear-fanged snake, but we also have some venomous rear-fanged snakes in the US. One such is the:
    Trans-Pecos ground snake
    Lyre snake
    Scarlet snake
    Smooth earth snake

9. The rim rock crowned snake (Tantilla gracilis) is found in only one state. What is it?

10. What is true of the eastern coral snake (Micrurus fulvius fulvius)?
    Blue and red rings touch.
    Red and black rings touch.
    Red and yellow rings touch.
    Green and red rings touch.

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Compiled Jun 28 12