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Runners, Take Your Mark...

Created by Polaris101

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Runners Take Your Mark game quiz
"Name these movies which have "run", or one of its variations, in the title."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the future, man has created human clones, called replicants. Five of these replicants hijack a spaceship and head for Earth, where they have been outlawed. Rick Deckard's job is to find and terminate the replicants.
    The Run of the Country
    Logan's Run
    Blade Runner
    Last Run

2. Two men who work for gangsters catch wind of a plan to kill them after they complete a robbery. They go ahead with the robbery, and decide to keep the money for themselves. With their former boss and the people they stole from trying to find them, they have no alternative but to hide out in a theological training school dressed as women.
    Midnight Run
    Nuns on the Run
    Take the Money and Run
    Hitman's Run

3. Danny's parents blew up a lab in the 1970s and have been on the run ever since. He is tired of running, and wants to choose a different life, but it could mean not seeing his parents again.
    Stranger on the Run
    Nowhere to Run
    Running on Empty
    The Runner Stumbles

4. This 1998 movie shows three different versions of how the story could unfold when a young woman receives a call from her boyfriend saying that he has carelessly lost gang money he was carrying, and has only twenty minutes before his bosses are expecting it.
    She Ran Away with the City Man
    A Run for the Money
    See How She Runs
    Run Lola Run

5. This 1992 Robert Redford directed movie is about two sons, one who follows the straight and narrow, and the other who lives on the edge. One thing they have in common is a love of fly fishing.
    All the Rivers Run
    Two Brothers Running
    A River Runs Through It
    It Runs in the Family

6. American heiress Sally Parker flees her wedding with the help of a stanger named Mike (Clark Gable). Little does she know that Mike is actually a reporter (she's trying to avoid reporters) who needs a big story. They inadvertantly make off with secret documents during their escape from the paparazzi, and are now being chased by spies and the reporter's rival, who wants Sally to know the truth. As Sally and Mike fall in love, he wonders if she'll feel the same after she finds out the truth about him.
    Woman on the Run
    Run for the Roses
    Johnny on the Run
    Love on the Run

7. A year after his submarine was sunk by the Japanese, Commander Richardson (Clark Gable) is given a new command. His determination to find and sink the destroyer which sunk his previous sub puts his new crew in unnecessary danger, and puts him at odds with his first mate (Burt Lancaster).
    The Decks Ran Red
    Silent Running
    Run Silent Run Deep
    Torpedo Runners

8. Two Chicago cops are sent on vacation by their captain after almost being killed on a case. They travel to Key West and like it so well they decide to move there and open a bar. Upon returning to Chicago, they find out that the criminal who almost killed them is out on bail and planning a large drug deal. They determine to bring him back in before they quit the force, but will they live to enjoy Key West?
    Running Out of Time
    Running Scared
    Nowhere to Run
    You Can't Run Away

9. Derice, Sanka, Yul and Junior have aspirations of competing in the Winter Olympic Games in Calgary as Jamaica's first bobsled team. John Candy stars as their trainer.
    Cool Runners
    Run for the Gold
    Cool Runnings
    Sled Runners

10. A motley group of competitors enter an illegal cross-country race where anything goes. Jackie Chan plays one of the drivers in this movie from 1981.
    Run the Rat Race
    The Running Man
    The Cannonball Run
    Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

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