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The Spirit of '76

Created by sportcon

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : American Revolution
The Spirit of 76 game quiz
"Arguably the most important year in American History, this quiz covers some of the people and events of 1776."

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1. In March 1776, General Washington and his Continental Army had the British surrounded at Boston. Washington allowed the British to evacuate. Who was in command of the British forces?
    General Cornwallis
    General Gage
    General Howe
    General Clinton

2. France's contribution to 'The Glorious Cause' are well known. In the beginning their aid was covert. What was the name of the 'front company' the French created to provide money, arms, and supplies to the Continential Army?
    Roderiguez and Company
    Hortalez and Company
    de Beaumarchais and Company
    Vergennes and Company

3. The American Navy was almost nonexistent in 1776. John Paul Jones received his first command in May of that year. What ship did Jones first captain?
    Bonhomme Richard

4. In June 1776, the British tried to establish a foothold in the South. In response, the Americans began to construct a fort in the harbor at Charleston, South Carolina. What was the name of this fort where the Battle of Charleston was fought?
    Fort Sumter
    Fort Sullivan
    Fort Defiance
    Fort Lee

5. On July 2, 1776, twelve of the thirteen colonial delegations voted for independence. Which delegation abstained?
    Rhode Island
    New York

6. In September 1776, General Washington needed to know what the British were planning from their position on Long Island. Nathan Hale, a captain in Knowlton's Rangers, volunteered to penetrate the British lines. What was Hale disguised as?
    a Protestant minister
    a fur trader
    a merchant seaman
    a Dutch school teacher

7. General Washington established the U.S. Cavalry in October 1776 under the command of Elisha Shelton. From what state did this first cavalry unit come?
    New York

8. Who wrote these words in a pamphlet called 'The Crisis' in December 1776, 'These are times that try men's souls...'?
    Thomas Paine
    Thomas Jefferson
    Benjamin Franklin
    John Adams

9. On December 25, 1776, General Washington led his troops across this river and defeated the Hessian troops in the Battle of Trenton.
    Answer: (One Word)

10. What was the name of General Washington's faithful regiment of Massachusetts mariners who had helped him escape from Brooklyn Heights and manned his boats at the Battle of Trenton?
    Copperhead Regiment
    Light Dragoons
    Minutemen Regiment
    Marblehead Regiment

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