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'Three Amigos' Quotes

Created by miamisammy29

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Three Amigos Quotes game quiz
"Quotes - "Viva Los Amigos". 'Three Amigos' is a hilarious comedy starring Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, and Martin Short. I'll give you a quote from the movie; you tell me who said it, finish the quote, or fill in the blank. Have fun and good luck."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "I like these guys. They are funny guys. Just kill ____________."
    the stupid one
    their horses
    them so I don't have to look at them anymore
    one of them

2. Whom does Pablo, the young boy from Santo Poco, ask, "Can I have your watch when you are dead?"
    Lucky Day (Steve Martin)
    Dusty Bottoms (Chevy Chase)
    Ned Nederlander (Martin Short)
    El Guapo (Alfonso Arau)

3. When the Amigos first arrived in Santo Poco, they went to the Cantina and asked for beer. The bartender (Fred Asparagus) told them, "Sorry, Senor, we don't have no beer - only ___________."

4. Three of El Guapo's henchmen rode into Santo Poco shooting up the town and demanding alcohol. The Amigos thought this was their matinee performance, and they rode out and confronted the henchmen. Which of the following slurs did Lucky NOT call them?
    Sons of a motherless goat
    Sand-dwelling lizards
    Scum-sucking pigs
    Slime-eating dogs

5. "Tell us we will die like __________."
    Answer: (One Word)

6. During El Guapo's birthday party, Jefe handed El Guapo a present that he said was from everybody. El Guapo held up the gift for all to see, and exclaimed, "It's a ___________." What was this gift?
    Answer: (One Word)

7. "My little buttercup has the sweetest ______________. Dear little buttercup, wont you stay _______________." Fill in the two blanks.
    petals - forever
    eyes - close by
    smile - a while
    heart - 'til dark

8. Studio owner and movie producer, Harry Flugelman (Joe Mantegna), told the Amigos that they would get "nada" from him. "In all those westerns you've made, did you ever hear the word, 'nada'? Do you know what 'nada' means?" Dusty thought "nada" was...
    the mountain range between Texas and Mexico
    a light chicken gravy
    an illegal sex act
    the Mexican word for neutered

9. After Dusty shot the Invisible Swordsman, Lucky told him, "You were supposed to shoot UP; we both shot UP. It's like living with _____________________."
    a six-year old
    your horse
    the village idiot
    Helen Keller

10. Before the final confrontation with El Guapo and his men at Santo Poco, who told the old woman, "Sew, very old one; sew like the wind."

11. "El Guapo only kills men. He does not kill crying ___________."

12. Before Ned's duel, who said, "You'll want to die with a man's gun - not a little sissy gun like this"?
    El Guapo
    The German
    Lucky Day

13. "Lip balm?" - Who asked this question?

14. When the Amigos raided El Guapo's fortress, who said, "Hold it, El Guapo, or I'll pump you so full of lead, you'll be using your [thing] for a pencil!"
    The Singing Bush

15. Also, during the raid on El Guapo's, who said, "Are Gringos falling from the sky?"
    The German
    El Guapo

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