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1 An Easy Quiz On Just The FaQs
I will provide you with a FACT and QUOTATION (FaQ) from a well known person. You match the person to the FaQ.
10 Q
Jun 10 04
6804 plays
2 That's What She Said
Identify the women who said each of these ten quotes.
10 Q
Mar 24 13
894 plays
3 Quotes from Great Writers
Here are some quotes from famous writers throughout history. See how many you know, but make sure you have fun doing so.
10 Q
Mar 23 12
888 plays
4 Less Love, Less Laughter
When love leaves a marriage, divorce often follows, which is no laughing matter for the couple involved. But why should we let the failed relationships of others stop us from having a chuckle at the humorous quotes they've generated?
10 Q
Jun 14 12
693 plays
5 Shakespeare or The Bible?
The western world has such a rich cultural background and the following quotes you may say without even thinking where they really come from. Each of these quotes are from either the King James Bible, or Shakespeare. See how many you can identify.
10 Q
Aug 24 11
1215 plays
6 Fifteen Minutes Too Late
Or perhaps ten minutes or ten hours... Regardless of the time span, nothing is worse than realizing it's too late to do something. Or is it? Here are ten quotes on being "too late".
10 Q
Sep 02 11
897 plays
7 Remarkable Quotes From Remarkable People
Here are some remarkable, inspiring and sometimes hilarious quotes from people who have made their mark on our beautiful world over time. See if you can guess who made them. Read the questions and answer choices carefully for clues to the answers.
10 Q
Nov 14 10
3009 plays
8 I'm a Phobiaphobic!
...or to put it another way, "The only thing to fear is fear itself" as FDR once famously said. With thanks to hipeople for the title and the inspiration.
10 Q
Jul 21 09
1245 plays
9 An Average Quiz On Just The FaQs
Once again I will provide you with a fact about and a quote from a person that should allow you to identify them.
10 Q
Jun 16 04
3561 plays
10 Pun People are Fun People!
These quotes are funny, not punny. Match the humorous quote to the famous person described. "Nobody goes there anymore because it's too crowded", said Yogi Berra. Yikes. I hope that doesn't happen to my quiz!
10 Q
Jul 21 13
714 plays
11 Hilarious Quotes
Team quiz by The Devious Demons
These are some amusing quotes said by well known identities over time. See if you can guess who said what.
10 Q
Jun 18 10
1137 plays
12 Oh No! I'll Never Remember That!
Here are some words of wisdom by people famous for their deeds and their statements or writings. They all have to do with things it might help you to remember.
10 Q
Jul 06 11
1098 plays
13 Veni Vidi Dixi
I came, I saw, I spoke. This quiz will look at speeches that are linked to some of the most poignant and significant moments in our history.
10 Q
Mar 13 12
642 plays
14 Don't Quote Me, Again
Here is a second helping of not-so-famous quotes from some very famous people. Who is credited with these quotes? Good luck!
10 Q
Mar 22 14
471 plays
15 Old Moon, New Moon
Humans have stared at the moon over the centuries, so it's not surprising that the moon has shown up in a few quotes. Can you identify these moon-loving folks?
10 Q
Jan 21 14
348 plays
16 Anything Goes
You may have heard people make some remarks, where you just have to shrug your shoulders and say, huh? They do say, 'Anything goes'. Let's check out these crazy quotes by famous people. Good luck!
10 Q
Jul 08 12
507 plays
17 I Wish I'd Said That!
We have all been there. Somebody offends you, you want to reply, but the linguistic centre of your brain seems to have taken the night off. This quiz is about some of the people who were actually able to come up with truly epic comebacks.
10 Q
Jun 04 12
801 plays
18 Obscure Wisdom from Less than Obscure Sources
Have you ever heard a piece of wisdom and wondered "who the heck said that?" Me, too! So here are ten bits of wisdom from some of my favorite sources. Enjoy yourself.
10 Q
Jul 28 13
828 plays
19 Quotes Part III: Literature Edition
Who wrote these famous literary quotes that appeared in famous literary works?
15 Q
Jan 15 06
2484 plays
20 Can You Handle the Truth?
Identify these people who could handle the truth and live to tell about it. Well, some of them are dead, but the truth didn't kill them. The first question is different from the others and may be a bit harder, but hang in there!
10 Q
Nov 30 13
666 plays
21 Quotes and Wisdom
Who said it? Some should be fairly easy, others not.
25 Q
Apr 27 01
4884 plays
22 Don't Quote Me Any More!
This is my fourth (and final) quiz on not-so-famous quotes by some oh-so-famous people. All you need to do to pick the right person to match the quote. Good luck!
10 Q
Apr 22 14
372 plays
23 Good Morning America
All of these quotes deal with "the morning"! So wake up, grab some coffee and let's play some trivia!
10 Q
Jul 17 13
450 plays
24 Remarkable Quotes from Remarkable People 2
Here are ten more remarkable, inspiring or comical quotes from people who have made their mark on the world over time. How many do you know?
10 Q
Jun 14 13
798 plays
25 Quotes Part II: Science Edition
Who said these famous science quotes?
10 Q
Dec 28 05
990 plays
26 Quote the Raving
We all go a little mad sometimes. See if you can figure out who said these quotes about madness or, perhaps, simply said crazy things. Good luck!
10 Q
Feb 03 13
417 plays
27 Who Said That Musical Quote?
To many, music is a hobby, and to others a career. Many have spoken about it, and here are some of the most important quotes.
10 Q
Jul 10 09
744 plays
28 Legendary Quotes from Legendary Men
These quotes are all about what legendary men thought and said about the fairer sex ...
10 Q
Aug 18 13
501 plays
29 Did I Really Say That?
There have been many famous people in history who have shown to be observers of human nature. Here are quotes from some of them, can you name them?
10 Q
Oct 21 12
789 plays
30 A Quote in the Title
Many famous authors have used quotations for the titles of some of their works. How many of these ten examples of "quoted titles" do you remember?
10 Q
Jan 20 13
402 plays
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* His last words were 'The South! The poor South! God knows what will become of her.'
* Who said 'I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it'?
* Who said 'Girls are like pianos. When they're not upright, they're grand'?
* Who said 'Too much of a good thing is wonderful.'?
* Who said 'If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one.'?

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