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Rainbows in Song

Created by oscarguy

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Rainbows in Song game quiz
"Join this panel of recording artists as they discuss their songs with 'rainbow' in the title. Answer the questions and you just might find the pot o' gold!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Hi players! We were the quintessential folk group of the 60's. Our name is synonymous with folk music. We turned out albums entitled "A Song Will Rise" and "In the Wind", among others. Who are we and what was the song we wrote along with our musical director which included 'rainbow' in the title?
    Green Rainbows/The Brothers Four
    Hold Me At the End of the Rainbow/Ian and Sylvia
    Let Down Your Rainbow/The Rooftop Singers
    Gone the Rainbow/Peter, Paul and Mary

2. Greetings! We are Mitch and Mickey, characters in "A Mighty Wind", a 2003 movie that sent up the early folk scene. We sang a song that garnered an Academy Award nomination. What was the soft and beautiful song about a rainbow that we are talking about?
    A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow
    Blood On the Rainbow
    Rainbows of Quinto
    Loco Rainbow

3. Well, all right. Mick and Keith here. We composed "Blinded by Rainbows" for our "Voodoo Louge" album. The song turned up in a movie starring Gene Hackman. Hey, we're the Rolling Stones, we don't need to give a lot of clues. In what movie will you hear "Blinded by Rainbows"?
    The Royal Tenenbaums
    Runaway Jury
    Behind Enemy Lines
    The Replacements

4. Hi group. I had a number 4 U.S. chart hit in 1957 with a song called "Rainbow". I was born in Liverpool, England in 1934. Give me credit here. This was before British performers tended to have hits in the U.S. But, who am I?
    Suzi Miller
    Helen Shapiro
    Russ Hamilton
    Frankie Vaughan

5. Hey, over here! Don't overlook The Muppets. Our first movie included a great rainbow song, "Rainbow Connection". The song was even nominated for an Academy Award in 1979. And, I sang it. Who am I?
    Miss Piggy

6. Frankie Avalon on the line! I had a number one hit in 1959 with "Why". Happily, in the same year I had a hit with "Swinging On a Rainbow". What is interesting about these two hits charting in the same year?
    The two songs were released on different labels.
    'Swinging On a Rainbow is the same tune as 'Why?', only with different lyrics.
    The number 1 song charted on Jan. 1, 1959, the number 39 song charted on Dec. 31 of 1959.
    'Swinging On a Rainbow' was the flip side of 'Why?'

7. It's us again, Keith and Mick. We're in a hurry as usual. So, we'll keep it short. We recorded a song entitled "She's a Rainbow". On which of our albums will you find this song?
    Between the Buttons
    Their Satanic Majesties Request

8. Hey, people. Me again, the fellow from Liverpool who had the number 4 U.S. hit with "Rainbow". Let's see if you can remember the four missing words from this part of the song: "...and after I've gone and bought you the rainbow, I'll go out and I'll _____
    buy you the moon
    exchange it for gold
    buy you a diamond
    fly you to Rome

9. In the song "Rainbow High" from Weber and Rice's "Evita", Eva demands enhancements to her image in no uncertain terms. Which of the following people or designer styles does she NOT mention as an enhancement?
    Christian Dior
    Lauren Bacall
    Gina Lollobrigida

10. Hello adoring fans. It's me, Judy Garland. Of course I sang "Over the Rainbow" from the legendary "Wizard of Oz". The last line spoken to me before I went off to sing was "Just help us out today and find yourself a place where you won't get into any trouble". Do you recall who said this to me?
    Professor Marvel
    Auntie Em
    Uncle Henry

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