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"Basic": Great Movie for Our Times

Created by twiley

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Basic Great Movie for Our Times game quiz
"If you love this movie as much as do you should enjoy this quiz."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What location is "Basic" set?
    North Africa

2. What special forces group is the focus of "Basic"?
    Army Airborne
    Navy Seals
    Army Rangers
    Army Delta

3. What government agency does Tom Hardy (John Travolta) currently work for?

4. Why was Hardy (John Travolta) chosen interrogate Dunbar (Brian Van Holt)?
    Hardy (John Travolta) was Dubar (Brian Van Holt) former commanding officer
    Hardy (John Travolta) was a Ranger
    Hardy (John Travolta) was a Navy Seal
    Hardy (John Travolta) and Dubar (Brian Van Holt) were high school friends

5. Why is Osborne (Connie Nielson) so worried about interviewing Kendall(Giovanni Ribisi)?
    He is Osborne's former lover
    He won the Congressional Medal of Honor
    He is Osborne's boss
    His father is a General

6. What is Vilmer (Harry Connick Jr.) connection to Osborne (Connie Nielson)?
    Both hate Hardy (John Travolta)
    Vilmer and Osborne were lovers
    Both served under West (Samuel L. Jackson)
    Vilmer and Osborne were once married

7. What did Kendall (Giovanni Ribisi) tell Hardy (John Travolta) and Osborne (Connie Nielson)?
    Kendall (Giovanni Ribisi) wouldn't say a word
    Kendall (Giovanni Ribisi) was wanted for murder in L.A.
    Kendall (Giovanni Ribisi) was gay
    Kendall (Giovanni Ribisi) loved life in Armed Services

8. What is the name of the mystery group in this movie?
    Section 8
    No name is used
    Shadow Company

9. In the end of the movie, who was the the base drug kingpin?
    West (Samuel L. Jackson)
    Hardy (John Travolta)
    Styles (Timothy Daly)
    Kendall (Giovanni Ribisi)

10. What is Hardy's (John Travolta) rank at the end of the movie?
    No rank is mentioned

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Compiled Jun 28 12