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Slumming Angel

Created by gretas

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Slumming Angel game quiz
"You've probably heard of Philip Marlow, one of vintage detective fiction's most well-known characters. But how much do you know about Raymond Chandler, the "slumming angel" behind the sarcastic prose?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Although famous for the uniquely American dialogue of his characters, Raymond Chandler himself spoke with an entirely different accent. What was it?

2. Raymond Chandler was a late bloomer in the literary field. Before submitting his first story to a pulp fiction magazine while in his early forties, he held a variety of distinctly non-literary jobs. Which of the following was one of them?
    Oil company executive
    Advertising executive

3. Raymond Chandler was a man whose entire life seemed to be surrounded by controversy. One reason for this was the disparity in age between him and his wife. Was Cissy Chandler older or younger than her husband?
    Answer: (One Word - Older or Younger)

4. Now, let's delve into some of Chandler's writing. His first novel, "The Big Sleep" made him famous, but before its publication, Chandler wrote short stories for "hard-boiled" magazines like "Black Mask" which were later published in several anthologies. Which of these short stories was NOT one of Chandler's?
    Pickup on Noon Street
    Nevada Gas
    Smart-Aleck Kill
    Guns of Eddie Dawes

5. Chandler's most well-known detective, Philip Marlow shared many traits with his creator. Among them was his place of residence. Where did both men live?
    San Francisco
    Santa Rosa
    Los Angeles
    La Jolla

6. Raymond Chandler's work is notable for its author's inventive use of language. Philip Marlow's penchant for tossing off one-liners in the most dramatic situations has been parodied in countless TV shows and films. In which film noir classic did Humphrey Bogart portray wise-cracking Philip Marlow?
    To Have And Have Not
    Lady In The Lake
    The Big Sleep
    Maltese Falcon

7. Raymond Chandler claimed to have very little respect for Hollywood, even though one of his novels, "The Little Sister", takes place there. He did, however, recieve one Oscar nomination for work he did on the screenplay of an Alfred Hitchcock film. Which film was it?
    North by Northwest
    Strangers on a Train

8. Raymond Chandler imbued Philip Marlow with many of his own likes and dislikes, including a taste for a certain alcoholic beverage. Which of the following cocktails was a favorite of both men?
    Gin and tonic
    White wine spritzer
    Whiskey sour
    Vodka gimlet

9. Another Hollywood question: Although unimpressed by the tinseltown crowd, Raymond Chandler once said that he pictured a certain movie star when he first created Marlow. Which movie star was it?
    Clark Gable
    Alan Ladd
    Gregory Peck
    Cary Grant

10. Although Philip Marlow will live forever, as good literary characters always do, Raymond Chandler passed away some time ago. When did the "slumming angel" head off to that great detective agency in the sky?

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Compiled Jun 28 12