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Simply Genius British Television

Created by Lagunathemoron

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Simply Genius British Television game quiz
"There are many brilliant British television programs, and some terrible ones too. Programs listed in the quiz are what I consider to be works of a genius!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 2001 ITV showed a late night cartoon which did short sketches of celebrities and showed a comical view of modern life in Britain. What was the name of this adult cartoon?
    "The Impressionable Jon Culshaw"
    "Little Britain"
    "Just Life"

2. In 1999 ITV aired a gripping prison serial called "Bad Girls". The show was set in a fictional prison called Larkhall and tells how women survive in prison. One of the main characters got away with many things in the show such as theft, sexual assault and even murder. What is the name of this evil warden?
    Jim Fenner
    Kieran Johnson
    Colin Hedges
    Anthony Thompson

3. "Distraction" is an adult game show presented by Jimmy Carr. Which of these WOULDN'T you expect to find on the show?
    Questions about stupid subjects
    Old people naked
    Contestants smashing up their own prizes

4. "Gamesmaster" was a long running video game program which reviewed the latest games and also handed out cheats for them. The Gamesmaster in the title was a celebrity head. Whose head was used for the Gamesmaster?
    Pat Sharp
    Patrick Moore
    Dominik Diamond
    Dave Perry

5. In what year did "Fawlty Towers" first air on the BBC?

6. "The Second Coming" aired in 2003 and told how a beer drinking Manchester City Football Club supporter thought he was the son of God. To prove it, what did the 'son of God' have to do in just five days?
    write a third testament
    walk from Dover to Aberdeen blindfolded
    perform four modern day miracles
    cure all world diseases

7. "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!" was a landmark for British reality shows. Which of these contestants won the first series?
    Lord Charles Brocket
    Tony Blackburn
    Tara Palmer Tomkinson
    Katie Price

8. "Stick a pony in my pocket, I'll fetch the suitcase from the van" were the opening lines to the theme tune of which British sitcom?
    "Phoenix Nights"
    "Only Fools And Horses"
    "Open All Hours"

9. Sun Hill is the setting of which soap?
    "The Bill"
    "Coronation Street"

10. "The Office" was a comedy starring Ricky Gervais. The most unique aspect of this comedy is the style of it. In which style is "The Office" done in?
    Chat Show

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Compiled Jun 28 12