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Behind The Scenes In New Rochelle

Created by gretas

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Dick Van Dyke Show
Behind The Scenes In New Rochelle game quiz
"Growing up, I wanted to move to New Rochelle and spend my weekends hanging out at the Petrie house with Rob and Laura. Instead, I created this quiz. Please note that not all questions can be answered by watching the show itself."

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1. When Carl Reiner first wrote the script that would become "The Dick Van Dyke Show", he gave it a different name and cast himself in the lead role. What was the original name of the show?
    Funny Man
    Head Of The Family
    Writing For A Living
    The Carl Reiner Show

2. Mary Tyler Moore was the last cast member to be hired before "The Dick Van Dyke Show" began production. What was it about her that caused Dick to be concerned after she was hired?
    Her age
    Her lack of experience
    Her acting ability
    Her attitude

3. An unexpected national event took place in the autumn months of 1963, upsetting the DVD cast and crew so much that they dispensed with the usual live audience at that week's taping because they couldn't imagine anyone wanting to laugh at a sitcom. What was this traumatic event?
    the erection of the Berlin Wall
    the death of Marilyn Monroe
    the assassination of JFK
    the Cuban missile crisis

4. Rose Marie and Morey Amsterdam were close friends before they were hired to play Rob's co-writers, Buddy Sorrell and Sally Rogers on the show. Was it Morey or Rose Marie who had once been known as "The Human Joke Machine"?
    Answer: (One or two words)

5. Mary Tyler Moore was directly responsible for one very specific element of her alter ego, Laura Petrie's "look." What was it?
    Flimsy negligees
    Capri pants
    Pageboy haircut
    Pillbox hats

6. Rose Marie almost didn't return for the fifth and final season of the show. What was the reason for her reluctance to continue in her role as Sally Rogers?
    The death of her husband
    A contractual dispute
    The death of her son
    Bad feelings between her and Mary Tyler Moore

7. Ann Guilbert, who played shrill, excitable Millie Helper, was suggested for the role by Jerry Paris, who played easygoing dentist Jerry Helper on the show, and was her real-life husband's best friend.

8. Of all the episodes featured in the show's five year run, there is one that stands out in Mary Tyler Moore's memory as her least favorite at the time. Which one is it?
    the one where she got her toe stuck in a bathtub faucet
    the one where she and Rob "broke up" with the Helpers
    the one where she dyed her hair blonde
    the one where Rob thought he saw a flying saucer

9. Dick Van Dyke took some time out in 1964, the second year of the show, to make a movie. What movie was it?
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Mary Poppins
    Bye, Bye, Birdie
    Peter Pan

10. The sexual chemistry between "Laura" and "Rob" was so believable to audiences and critics that they were compared to what other famous hot couple of the time?
    Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
    Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy
    John and Jackie Kennedy
    Clark Gable and Carole Lombard

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