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The Pirate Museum

Created by catamount

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The Pirate Museum game quiz
"Arrr! Avast me hearties, step right up into the pirate museum where you'll learn all about pirates, buccaneers, picaroons and cutthroats! Watch your step or you'll end up walking the plank! Arrr!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Pirates have been around for a long time. In the first room of the museum there's a wax figure of a guy in a long white toga with a wreath of leaves on his head. Yum, suddenly I feel like a big plate of spaghetti bolognese! But the toga looks like moths got into it, there are over twenty holes in it. Too bad! The plaque says this guy was once captured by pirates and held for ransom. Although he was treated well, after his release he took a ship, went after them and killed them all. Talk about holding a grudge! Unfortunately the plaque is smudged just where his name was. Who was he?
    Alexander the Great
    Julius Caesar

2. Pirate flags. Most of them are black with various white designs of skulls, bones, swords and so on. Some are red. What do experts suggest is NOT an origin for the "Jolly Roger"?
    From French "jolie rouge" ("pretty red")
    Invented by the pirate Joseph Liam ("Joe Lee") Roger
    Nickname for the devil (Old Roger)
    A mark in the ship's log book

3. In this room is a huge pool with models of pirate ships floating on the water. Which one is NOT a type of boat pirates would use?

4. Which is the best known pirate weapon?
    Bow and Arrow

5. Pirates also liked to use pistols. True or false: there was a pistol specifically created for left handers.

6. During the "Golden Age of Piracy" different countries used pirates to fight against their enemies. Queen Elizabeth I of England for example commissioned Francis Drake to attack Spanish ships. As a reward, she knighted him aboard his ship, the Golden Hind. What position did she reward him with?
    Lord Mayor of London
    Prince Consort
    Mayor of Plymouth
    Duke of Buckingham

7. Eustace was a pirate who fought for King John (Lackland) in his war against Philip II of France. What was his profession before he became a pirate?

8. No pirate museum would be complete without an exhibit on pirate treasure. In reality, it is likely that most pirates spent their wealth as quickly as they acquired it, but there is one pirate in particular who is often associated with buried treasure, including the mystery of Oak Island. Who is this pirate?
    Henry Morgan
    Captain Kidd

9. Klaus Stoertebeker was a famous German freebooter of the 14th century who plundered Danish merchant ships during war time and brought the goods to besieged cities along the Baltic and North seas. But soon he and his men were plundering ships of other nations and the German Hanse itself. What does his name refer to?
    His capacity for drink
    His status as commissioned freebooter
    His courage in fighting
    His strategic genius

10. In this museum there's a movie theatre that shows non-stop pirate movies. Which is the 2003 film featuring Captain Jack Sparrow?
    Picaroons of the Barbary Coast
    Buccaneers of Barbados
    Pirates of the Caribbean
    Corsairs of Umbar

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