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Feelin' Easy

Created by uglybird

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 10 Q. Average [A]
Feelin Easy game quiz
"My last several quizzes have turned out more difficult than I intended. Hopefully I can break out of my slump with this quiz. Just keep in mind as you answer these questions that "easy does it"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Based on a commonly used expression for a simple task, which of the following food items is the easy one?

2. The woman with sparkling earrings and skin, so brown gave the Eagles a particular type of "easy feeling". What is the missing word in the title of the song to which I allude, "__________ Easy Feeling".

3. In which city is the 1987 film, "The Big Easy", set?
    New Orleans

4. Which of the following was a 1963 hit for the Essex?
    Sugar Shack
    Easier Said Than Done
    My Boyfriend's Back
    Louie, Louie

5. In school, when I came to the plate for an at bat in a baseball game I would often hear shouts of "easy out". Was this a compliment?

6. Complete this expression indicating that money easily obtained can be just as easily lost: easy come, easy _____.
    Answer: (2 letters)

7. Which golfer is nicknamed "The Big Easy"?
    Ernie Els
    Tiger Woods
    Gary Player
    Arnold Palmer

8. In the Eagles' song "Take It Easy", the singer ends up standing on a corner in which town?
    Gary, Indiana
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Winslow, Arizona
    New York, New York

9. Which of the following was a 1969 movie starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper?
    Easy Rider
    Feeling Easy
    Five Easy Pieces
    Easy Does It

10. Life is good. You have a nice home, plenty of money and a cushy job. You must be living on _______ street. On what street do you live?
    Answer: (One word)

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Compiled Jun 28 12