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More Fogeyisms

Created by uglybird

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More Fogeyisms game quiz
"Holy cow! My last fogey quiz was duck soup! Here's another opportunity to prove your "fogacity"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. If someone thinks you ought to skedaddle, what is it they want you to do?
    Get lost
    Try your darndest
    Break the ice
    Lock and load

2. The old codger thinks things are in fine fettle. Which of the following is words/phrases is nearest in meaning to "fine fettle"?
    Non compos
    A fine kettle of fish

3. Footloose and fancy free, George will soon be tripping the light fantastic. In which of the following activities will George most likely be engaged?
    Drug use
    An extramarital affair

4. My dad told me he that he didn't want me lollygagging around till the cows came home. With which of the following phrases could Dad have made his point more succinctly?
    Put your best foot forward!
    Sit tight!
    Hang in there!
    Get off the dime!

5. You've put the kibosh on something. Have you put the icing on the cake or pulled the rug out from under something?
    Answer: (One word, pulled or iced.)

6. A fogey falls and lands on his er...rear end. To which part of the fogey anatomy do I refer?
    The schnoz
    The noggin
    The keister
    The knobs

7. "I don't see any reason for you to get all gussied up," my mom informed me. From what was my mom trying to spare me?
    Getting dressed up
    Being persnickety
    Being angry

8. When I was a young child I heard my parents refer to "unmentionables". I finally found out what they were. Which of the following are "unmentionables"?
    War and violence
    Mayhem and madness

9. Fogeys are a careful and suspicious bunch. Which of the following is most likely to snooker them?

10. The old skinflint is up to his usual shenanigans. Which of the following is most nearly a translation of the preceding sentence into plain English?
    The elderly miser is involved in his accustomed mischief.
    The slender old man is shoplifting, as usual.
    The old curmudgeon is drinking again.
    The red-faced old man is once again winning at cards.

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Compiled Jan 03 13