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Clara Maass: American Nurse

Created by Elaine37

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Clara Maass  American Nurse game quiz
"More than a century ago, a lovely young woman became a martyr to the cause of finding a cure for yellow fever. This is her story."

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1. Clara Maass was born:
    Berlin, Germany
    New York City
    East Orange, New Jersey
    London, England

2. Clara Maass trained as a nurse in which of these hospitals?
    St. Vincent's Medical Center, New York
    Newark German Hospital
    Bellevue Hospital, New York
    Newark General Women and Children

3. Clara Maass was a Navy nurse.

4. How is yellow fever transmitted to humans?
    Tse Tse Fly
    Mosquito bite
    Contaminated food
    Fomites (carriers)

5. Yellow fever in Cuba was contained by certain measures before vaccine became available. What were they?
    Isolating the sick
    Proper cooking methods
    Window screens and eliminating mosquito breeding areas
    Hand washing

6. A vaccine has been developed for yellow fever.

7. One of the symptoms of yellow fever or "yellow jack" is severe joint pain called "break bone fever".

8. Clara Maass volunteered to be bitten by mosquitos for yellow fever research.

9. How has Clara Maass been honored since her death?
    All of these
    Commemorative postage stamps
    A place in the Nursing Hall of Fame
    A hospital was named for her

10. None of her writings have been preserved.

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