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Free-Kick Goals in World Cups

Created by rochar_vot

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FreeKick Goals in World Cups game quiz
"Free-kicks near the penalty box represent good scoring opportunities, and some of the most beautiful goals in World Cups have come direct from free-kicks."

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1. Which English player had a goal from a free-kick disallowed against The Netherlands at the 1990 World Cup?
    Paul Gascoigne
    Stuart Pearce
    Glen Hoddle
    Chris Waddle

2. Which Spaniard scored from a free-kick against South Korea in the 1990 World Cup?
    Fernando Hierro
    Michel Gonzalez
    Rafael Martin Vasquez
    Julio Salinas

3. In the 1990 World Cup semi final between West Germany and England who struck for W. Germany from a free-kick?
    Lothar Matthaeus
    Andreas Brehme
    Olaf Thon
    Thomas Haessler

4. In the 1990 1-1 draw between the United States and Switzerland, both goals came from direct free-kicks. Who were the scorers?
    Earnie Stewart and Ciriaco Sforza
    Paul Caliguiri and Alain Sutter
    Eric Wynalda and Georges Bregy
    Roy Wegerle and Thomas Bickel

5. Who was the Bulgarian who scored a spectacular free-kick against Germany in the 1994 World Cup quarter finals?
    Iordan Letchkov
    Daniel Borimirov
    Krassimir Balakov
    Hristo Stoitchkov

6. Who scored the decisive goal from a free-kick in the 1994 Quarter Final between Brazil and Holland?
    Dennis Bergkamp
    Roberto Carlos

7. The 1998 World Cup in France featured which flamboyant goalkeeper from South America who actually took direct shots from free-kicks in the tournament?
    Jose Luis Chilavert
    Carlos Roa
    Rene Higuita
    Oscar Cordoba

8. Which English player converted a free-kick in the 1998 World Cup match versus Colombia?
    Paul Scholes
    Steve McManaman
    Paul Ince
    David Beckham

9. Which Paraguayan scored from a free-kick against South Africa in the 2002 World Cup?
    Jose Cardozo
    Nelson Cuevas
    Francisco Arce
    Roque Santa Cruz

10. Who scored from a free-kick for Tunisia against Belgium in the 2002 World Cup?
    Hatem Trabelsi
    Riadh Bouazizi
    Raouf Bouzaiene
    Kaies Ghodhbane

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Compiled May 30 13