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International Road Legends

Created by Bruyere

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International Road Legends game quiz
"Here's a quiz about cars that have inspired legends in their own countries and sometimes around the world. Happy motoring!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The French call it the 'Deuche' for short; the British sometimes affectionately call it the 'duck'. The Germans call it the 'Ente' or duck as well, perhaps for its rather elongated nose. Some Latin Americans call it the 'Dos Caballos', and the American cops would probably just say, 'What the heck is that?' So just what is this little legendary car that's a French cultural icon as common as the Eiffel Tower?

    Renault 5
    Peugeot 205
    Renault 4L
    Citroen 2CV

2. The legendary VW Beetle was created in Germany in the 30s Adolf Hitler wanted Ferdinand Porsche to design an affordable car for ordinary citizens, and it was first called the KdF or "Kraft durch Freude". It has inspired many a legend since then. In most countries, the car has been given a nickname as it's always been viewed as rather human and friendly. Which of the following is NOT a nickname for the Beetle or Bug?

3. Which of the following nicknames for the Morris Minor prototype did its creator Alec Issigonis baptize it with in the 1940s?

    Mickey Mouse
    Poached Egg

4. Which of the following cars wasn't destined to be a car at all, but a covered motorcycle? It then achieved legend status amongst Eastern Europeans for its plastic parts and durability. In fact, many look upon it with great nostalgia now. What is this little car that represents life before the Berlin wall came tumbling down?


5. This car's prototype was called the VBG at first and it was designed by Patrick Le Quement to be the first small minivan type vehicle. Its official birthday was October 5th 1992 at the Paris Mondial Auto show. It had a little froggy face and many people ordered them in a bright green color for that reason. Famous Japanese designer Kenzo did a special version as well.
What is this little car many consider part of the nineties landscape in France?
    Renault Clio
    Renault Twingo
    Citroen Saxo
    Renault 5

6. The Studebaker Company got into the automobile business after manufacturing wagons for pioneers in the United States. Adopting many bird motifs for its fifties models, what was the elongated sporty/yet family model with the 'fish-mouth' called?


7. This British car manufacturer began with its original name of Swallow Sidecars. Early models were SS cars, then SS name of animal cars, but when they released their post WWII models the term "SS" had to be removed for obvious reasons in favor of an animal motif. What was this luxury car manufacturer's name after the forties?

    Answer: (One Word, six letters Sir William Lyons' creation)

8. This Swedish car's name means 'I roll' and the model introduced was known for its safety, as have most of the subsequent models. The PV 444 was the first "people's car" in Sweden immediately after WWII, then marketed elsewhere in the fifties and throughout the world. Despite the disapproval from the Gothenburg from the manufacturer, this model was soon used in rallies as it was such a tough. The PV plus its younger sister the PV 544 were part of the American landscape as well as elsewhere in the world. What is the manufacturer of this car?


9. This legendary American car manufacturer has a French name for the founder of Detroit, Michigan, Antoine de la Motte de ________. It was a car fit for a "King" and in fact, several were manufactured for one. In the 2000s this company began making luxury SUVs and pickup trucks to jump on the bandwagon. What is the name of this American car company?

10. Few have seen this unusual car in action, but it actually went in the water and the land. It was one of the only attempts to make such a car without military purposes. Created in the sixties by a German named Hans Trippel, what was this car called?


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