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Odd U.S. Senate

Created by Blakey

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Odd US Senate game quiz
"Odd facts about the United States Senate and events surrounding it during its history."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. James Shield, from Maine, holds a senatorial record that might never be broken, what is it?
    Writing the longest bill
    Longest filibuster
    He represented three states
    Longest serving senator

2. Senator Blanche K. Bruce presided over the senate in 1879 but there was something special about him, what was it?
    He was Confederate General
    He was deaf and dumb
    He was a Union deserter
    He was a former slave

3. In 1881 two senators resigned over President Garfield's appointment of a customs collector; what state were they from?
    New York

4. In 1884 the man considered to be the 'Father of the Senate' died, who was he?
    Daniel Webster
    Thomas Bainbridge
    James Blain
    Henry B. Anthony

5. In 1893 Senator William Ruffin Cox was chosen as secretary of the senate but during the Civil War he did what?
    He was a former Confederate General
    He was a Union General
    He protested the draft
    He evaded the draft

6. What event in 1902 led to the senate adopting new rules on decorum and behavior?
    A wild party involving senators
    A fistfight
    Too many senators indicted for bribery
    Improper voting

7. What amendment gives voters the right to choose their senators?

8. In 1911 Congressman Victor Berger, of Wisconsin, introduced a resolution that called for what?
    Abolishing the senate
    Making Joshua Norton I emperor of the United States
    Declare all elections as illegal
    Making Ice cream the national treat

9. Erich Muenter is known for doing what to the senate building in 1915?
    Being the architect of record during its construction
    Painting graffitti on the walls
    Bombing a senate wing
    Creating a gas explosion

10. Senator Rebecca Felton of Georgia was the first female senator, being appointed to fill a vacancy in 1922. How old was she when she became a senator?

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