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Would I Lie to You? Part 3

Created by musicmonkeyman

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Mixed 10 Q. Tough [A]
Would I Lie to You Part 3 game quiz
"Given a whole heap of trivial information - can you sort the fibs from the facts?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Here are four statements about the average human body.
Three are true - but which one is a LIE?
    The body has enough phosphorous to make more than two thousand match heads
    It contains enough iron to make a three inch nail
    The body contains around twenty gallons of water
    It has enough carbon to make nine hundred pencils

2. I say, the brighter the colour of a chilli the hotter it is.
Am I being honest?

3. It's the guys versus the girls on this selection of facts.
But, which one is a LIE?
    Men can hear better than women
    Men tend to get hiccups more often than women
    A woman's heart beats faster than a man's
    Women burn body fat more slowly than men

4. Why are there no Alsatian (German Shepherd) dogs in the Spanish army?
Can you select the TRUTHFUL answer?
    They could not pass the medical
    They are not clever enough
    They look silly in the uniforms
    They fail to salute the commanding officer

5. How much do you know about animals?
Which of these statements is a LIE?
    Dogs perspire (sweat) through their tongues and paws
    Owl's eyes are bigger than their brain
    Giraffes' tongues are yellow in colour
    Cats have thirty-two muscles in each ear

6. I say that - if a person was not allowed to eat or sleep they would die of starvation before lack of sleep killed them - am I telling the truth?

7. Which one of these animal statements is NOT correct?
    The fiddler crab can grow a replacement for a lost claw
    Birds fly in a "V" formation because only the lead bird knows the way
    Cows produce more milk if they can hear music
    The eye of a Giant squid can be as big as a basketball

8. I say that - on average women say more words than men each day!
Am I telling the truth?

9. Which of these methods was used to open the Chicago World Fair in 1933?
Three of these answers are red herrings, which one is TRUE?
    the light of a star
    a pair of scissors
    a golden key
    a demolition truck

10. Finally, can you select the fib in this selection of human facts?
    The female ovum, or egg cell, is the largest cell in the human body
    We shed about one-and-a-half pound of skin particles each year
    The human brain is about 85% water
    An adult manual worker produces seven gallons of sweat each day

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Compiled Feb 25 14