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The Defenestrations of Prague

Created by stageball

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The Defenestrations of Prague game quiz
"An easy quiz about the Defenestrations of Prague."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In which country is Prague?
    Czech Republic

2. The First Defenestration of Prague was a prelude to which war(s)?
    The Hussite Wars
    Star Wars
    The Vietnam War
    World War III

3. The Second Defenestration of Prague occured when a few royal officials were thrown out of something. What were they thrown out of?
    A bar
    A window
    The Boy Scouts
    The Tuileries

4. In the Second Defenestration of Prague, the royal officials who were thrown out, survived because they landed on something. What was it?
    A cart full of manure
    Burning swords
    Some Boy Scouts
    A vast, open tub of water full of sharks and sea wasps

5. The Second Defenestration of Prague triggered a major European War. How long did this war last?
    It never happened
    23 days
    30 years
    12 years

6. What does "defenestration" mean?
    Going to a rock concert but the band doesn't show up
    Throwing out of a window
    Excluding from school

7. In the Second Defenestration of Prague the defenestration was carried out by members of Bohemian aristocracy. Why did they do it?
    They were playing "truth or dare"
    They were rebelling
    They were taking drugs
    They wanted to impress some milk-maids with their vocabulary

8. In the Second Defenestration of Prague the members of the Bohemian aristocracy defenestrated, not only the two royal (Habsburg) officials, but also a third person not directly involved in the main action. What was this person's occupation?
    Bass player
    Honey gatherer

9. The Second Defenestration of Prague began the 30 Years War which was a religious war and involved many countries. In it, Gustavus II Adolphus, of Sweden, was the last European king to fall on the battlefield. In what museum can you see the suit of clothes he wore when he died, complete with bullet hole and blood stain?
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland
    The Louvre, Paris
    The National Museum, Stockholm
    MoMA, New York

10. The Third and most recent Defenestration of Prague occured in 1948 when a member of the Czechoslovakian government was found under the window of a government building. Under which window was he found?
    The bathroom
    The dungeon
    The one shaped like a scull
    The crypt

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