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1 Britain in WWII: The Battle of the Atlantic
This is the third of five quizzes on Britain in World War II, a topic I am currently studying. Writing this has helped my revision and allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the subject.
10 Q
Jan 15 09
1911 plays
2 The Dam Busters
How much do you know about the Dam Busters raid of World War II?
10 Q
Dec 31 12
438 plays
3 Fooling the Nazis
Throughout the course of World War II, many ingenious operations were carried out to fool the Germans as to where or when an invasion would take place or a bombing target was located. Here are ten questions about some of them.
10 Q
Feb 24 11
1143 plays
4 WW II German Army Commanders
Here's a quiz about World War II German Army Commanders and their careers. Try to guess which commander is described in each question.
15 Q
Mar 14 01
4719 plays
5 British Paras in WWII
These are some common and not so common questions about the British Airborne forces in WWII.
10 Q
Apr 28 10
423 plays
6 They Carved Their Names With Pride
A wide range of jobs became available to British women during World War II and this quiz is in honour of those women who carved their names with pride while their menfolk were away from home fighting the war.
10 Q
Sep 09 09
717 plays
7 Britain in WWII: Mediterranean Campaign
This is the fourth of five quizzes on Britain in World War II, a topic I am currently studying. Writing this has helped my revision and allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the subject.
10 Q
Jan 17 09
1587 plays
8 The Real Great Escape
The movie "The Great Escape" (1963) was great. What really happened? You may be surprised.
15 Q
Jan 20 10
633 plays
9 Hitler's "Elite" - the SS
Adolf Hitler found some very willing and twisted souls to help him in his efforts to control Germany, Europe and indeed, the world. These individuals were NOT a part of the regular army, but were a special group apart - an Úlite.
10 Q
Apr 16 13
486 plays
10 Make Do and Mend
"Make Do and Mend" was used as one of the slogans by the British during World War II. Here are a few questions on some of the other propaganda slogans used during that time. Enjoy!
10 Q
Nov 30 11
507 plays
11 Blitzkrieg
This one covers the development of Blitzkrieg theory and practice from World War I to the German attack on France and the Low Countries in May 1940, with special emphasis on the latter. Ya gotta know yur stuff, though!
Very Difficult
25 Q
Feb 20 03
4758 plays
12 Think You Know WWII?
This quiz tests your general knowledge of some of the major events that took place throughout the Second World War in Europe. Good luck!
10 Q
Feb 28 11
1269 plays
13 Economy and Industry in the Third Reich
Questions are based on (and thus supported by) Adam Tooze's 2006 work "The Wages of Destruction". I've tried to keep this as general as possible, but you'd better know your stuff!
Very Difficult
10 Q
Nov 30 07
1026 plays
14 Colditz
Colditz was supposed to be a maximun security POW camp for Allied prisoners during WWII. It soon became the stuff of legend, too.
15 Q
Jul 23 04
2655 plays
15 Steal This Quiz!
The quizzes on Funtrivia could be considered works of art. This quiz will look at some of the works of art that were stolen, lost, and destroyed during World War II and some of those persons involved.
10 Q
Apr 09 11
456 plays
16 Britain in WWII: The Early Months
This is the first of five quizzes on Britain in World War II, a topic I am currently studying. Writing this has helped my revision and allowed me to broaden my knowledge on the subject.
10 Q
Jan 12 09
1332 plays
17 Britain in WWII: The Final Defeat of Germany
This is the final of my five quizzes on Britain in World War II, a topic I am currently studying. Writing this has helped my revision and allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the subject.
10 Q
Jan 26 09
1323 plays
18 Band of Brothers: Easy Company
One of the best known companies in the whole 101st Airborne Division in World War II. Based on the TV miniseries.
10 Q
Jan 08 09
2607 plays
19 The Bombing War
From the Luftwaffe's bombs which poured down on Britain to the devastating annihilation of historic Dresden, the bombing campaigns of World War II took 'total war' to an unsurpassed level - and humanity to its lowest.
15 Q
Sep 18 05
2640 plays
20 The Atlantikwall in France
A short quiz on the history of the Atlantic Wall, the German coastal defences built to defeat the Allied invasion
10 Q
Mar 20 07
1053 plays
21 Bamse - The War Hero
Bamse was a remarkable animal who fought with his armed forces during World War 2. For his efforts, bravery and fortitude he was awarded posthumous honours.
10 Q
Jun 26 12
168 plays
22 German Commanders of WW II
This quiz is pretty straightforward, I'll give you a description, and you supply the name of the commander. Also, when typing in names, just put the first name first, ex: Erwin Rommel, not Rommel, Erwin. Simple enough? Have fun!
20 Q
Nov 27 01
3480 plays
23 The Ardennes Offensive
Here is a short quiz on World War II in Europe. Good Luck!
10 Q
Apr 16 04
2196 plays
24 British Commandos in WWII
These remarkable soldiers were one of England's finest during the darkest days of WWII.
10 Q
Nov 02 09
492 plays
25 World War II Operation Code Names
Most of us know about Operation Overlord (the invasion of Normandy, in case you don't), but that was only one of many operations during the Second World War. Here are a few more.
10 Q
May 01 13
663 plays
26 Greece in World War II
Undoubtedly, the Second World War was the most catastrophic in human history. The Greeks suffered greatly during these terrible years but also showed heroism against the Axis. Play and see how much you know about Greece during the War. Good luck!
10 Q
Mar 02 08
666 plays
27 World War II in Norway
Here are some questions about Norway in relation to the second world war. If you are not from Norway, they may prove difficult but they should be easy for Norwegians.
10 Q
Mar 27 06
909 plays
28 Hitler & the Third Reich: VIII - It's War!
The build up is over and World War Two begins.
10 Q
Apr 27 10
918 plays
29 Operation Valkyrie: July 20, 1944
This quiz is about the conspiracy and the conpirators attempt to remove Adolph Hitler; Germany's lawful head of state.
10 Q
Dec 07 10
516 plays
30 The Siegfried Line Campaign, 1944
A brief quiz on the events in and around the Siegfried Line in late 1944
10 Q
Dec 21 10
261 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* In 1942, what was the code name of the operation that surrounded the German Sixth Army?
* What was the German objective (city) of the 1942 summer offensive?
* Approximately how many troops did the Russians surround in the 'kessel'
* What term was given to deserted Russian POWs working for the Germans?
* On what army was Operation 'yaslo-gorlice' inflicted upon by the Russians in 1943?

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