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The History of Mauritius and Rodrigues

Created by peelusrinivasan

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The History of Mauritius and Rodrigues game quiz
"A quiz on one of the most beautiful island-nations in the world. Mauritius and Rodrigues are located in the Indian Ocean and have their own unique culture and traditions ... Find out more."

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1. Who visited Mauritius in the 10th century AD?
    The Greeks
    The Chinese
    The British
    The Arabs

2. In which year was the island discovered by the Portuguese?

3. The Dutch were the first settlers on the island.

4. What name did navigator Pedro de Mascarena give to the island?
    The Deer Island
    The Dodo Island
    The Swan Island
    The Sugar Island

5. The name Mauritius comes from the name of a prince.

6. For how long did French rule of Mauritius last?
    The French never ruled Mauritius
    100 years from 1715-1815
    95 years from 1715-1810
    90 years from 1690-1780

7. Which French Governor-General of Mauritius from 1735 onwards was responsible for the construction of the first sugar factory in Mauritius and the naming of Port Louis as the capital?
    Mahe de la Bourdonnais
    Pierre Belmont
    Jacques des Champs
    David Grenier

8. In which Indian Ocean naval battle did the French defeat the British?
    The Battle of Domaine les Pailles
    The Battle of Pamplemousse
    The Battle of Vieux Grand Port
    The Battle of St.James

9. Under which General's leadership did the British finally defeat the French?
    General Abercombie
    General Hogan
    General Williamson
    General Robertson

10. Under whose leadership did Mauritius gain independence in 1968?
    General Albion
    Princess Margaret
    Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam
    Lord David Peterson

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