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The Assassination of Lincoln

Created by robert362

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The Assassination of Lincoln game quiz
"Here's a quiz about some of the details of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Booth had originally intended to:
    Burn down the White House
    Murder key members of the Cabinet
    Murder Lincoln
    Kidnap Lincoln

2. Who accompanied Lincoln to the theatre on the night that he was shot?
    General Grant
    Secretary Stanton
    Vice President Johnson
    Mrs. Lincoln

3. What play was Lincoln watching at Ford's Theatre on the night of the assassination?
    Our American Cousin
    She Stoops to Conquer
    School for Scandal
    Lady Windermere's Fan

4. What did Booth yell when he leaped onto the stage after shooting the president?
    'It isn't over yet'
    'Useless, useless'
    'Thus always to tyrants'
    'Long Live the Confederacy'

5. What injury did Booth suffer during the assassination-and-flight?
    Thrown by his horse while fleeing
    Suffered a knife wound while struggling to escape the theatre after the shooting
    Broke a bone when he jumped onto the stage
    Shot by soldiers while fleeing

6. Who was the doctor that treated Booth's injury after the shooting of the president?
    Dr. Boswell
    Dr. Taylor
    Dr. Johnson
    Dr. Mudd

7. What kind of trial did the other conspirators receive?
    Civil Trial
    Congressional Trial
    Trial by Special Commission
    Military Trial

8. Which of the conspirators was a woman?

9. Every crime has a punishment. What happened to the conspirators Mrs Surratt, Herold, Powell, and Atzerodt?
    Twenty Years Hard Labor
    Life in Prison
    Firing Squad

10. It now appears fairly certain that Booth:
    Was involved in espionage for the Confederacy
    Acted because of political ambition
    Acted primarily for personal profit
    Was manipulated by others

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