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Green Bay Packers 1996

Created by Kevzilla

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Green Bay Packers 1996 game quiz
"This is a quiz dedicated to the 1996 Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers. Best of luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Which of the following teams did Green Bay not face in the 1996 postseason?
    San Francisco 49ers
    Dallas Cowboys
    New England Patriots
    Carolina Panthers

2. Which of the following Packers' receivers did not suffer an injury that caused him to miss at least two games?
    Mark Chmura
    Robert Brooks
    Andre Rison
    Antonio Freeman

3. On a Monday Night game against the 49ers, Chris Jacke won the game after hitting a 53-yard field goal in overtime. However, overtime would not have been necessary had Jacke *not* done what?
    Missed a PAT
    Threw an interception on a fake field goal
    Kicked the ball out of bounds with a minute to go in the game
    Held Terrell Owens for a 10 yard penalty on the last kickoff of regulation

4. Who was the Packers' defensive co-ordinator in 1996?
    Ray Rhodes
    Ed Donatell
    Mike Sherman
    Fritz Shurmer

5. Which of the following players did not start on the defensive line in the season?
    Sean Jones
    Santana Dotson
    Gabe Wilkins
    Gilbert Brown

6. Against which team did the Packers score on offense, defense, and special teams?
    Kansas City Chiefs
    San Francisco 49ers
    Detroit Lions
    San Diego Chargers

7. Where did Super Bowl XXXI occur?
    New Orleans

8. Who was the first team to defeat the Packers in the season?
    Denver Broncos
    Kansas City Chiefs
    Minnesota Vikings
    Dallas Cowboys

9. The Packers avoided having to face several Hall of Fame worthy QBs during this season, due to either recent retirement or injury. Which of the following could they not avoid?
    Troy Aikman
    Steve Young
    John Elway
    Joe Montana

10. Which running back was used mostly as a special team player, and was named to the Pro Bowl as a special team player a couple of seasons later?
    Travis Jervey
    Dorsey Levens
    Edgar Bennett
    William Henderson

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