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"Cool Hand Luke": Part II

Created by stevroll

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Cool Hand Luke  Part II game quiz
"This is the 2nd of a four part quiz on the film, "Cool Hand Luke". This film starred Paul Newman, George Kennedy and Struther Martin. I hope you played Part I. Be on the lookout for Parts III & IV to come."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Carr, the Floor Walker, is an inmate trustee in charge of the barracks. He explained to the new men about the rule violations that would be punishable by spending a night in the box. What was NOT a rule explained in Carr's recitation?
    Fighting in the building.
    Not bringing back empty pop bottles.
    Laying on the bunks with dirty pants on.

2. Gibson, a new man who arrived at camp with Luke, gets put in the box. Why did this happen?
    He refused a job assignment.
    He was the subject of a practical joke played by other inmates about a job assignment.
    He was unable to preform the task given to him.
    He fell asleep while working.

3. What accessories were given to the men going to the box?
    A nightgown, cigarettes and a #10 can.
    A canteen, cigarettes and matches.
    A canteen, a #10 can and a white porcelain pot with a lid.
    A nightgown, a #10 can and a white porcelain pot with a lid.

4. Prison officals allowed inmates to fight each other on Saturday afternoons, if they had a problem which needed to be solved. Luke and Dragline had a big fight. What was the reason for this fight?
    Luke made comments about a girl washing her car.
    Luke told Dragline to shut up.
    Luke owed Dragline a cold drink.
    Luke tried to be the leader in the barracks.

5. No inmate got a nickname unless Dragline gave him one. Dragline gave Luke the name of "Cool Hand Luke" because of a winning poker hand that Luke had. What was that winning hand?
    2 pair: Kings and 10s.
    King, 10,9,4,3
    1 pair of 4s.
    Full house, Kings over 4s.

6. Luke recieved a visit from his mother, brother and nephew. What was his mother's name?

7. What did Luke's brother John give him at the end of the visit?
    A guitar
    A banjo
    A harmonica
    A ukulele

8. How many hardboiled eggs did Luke eat in one hour?

9. When they first arrived at the camp they were told to call the captain, Captain, and everyone else Boss. Which is not a name of one of the bosses.
    Boss Godfrey
    Boss Honeycut
    Boss Paul
    Boss Donnelley

10. What was the reason Luke was placed in the box the first time?
    His mother died.
    He backsassed a Boss.
    He tried to escape.
    He fought in the barracks.

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