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Basic Theory of Longshore Drift

Created by jonnowales

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Basic Theory of Longshore Drift game quiz
"This is a quiz about the basic theory of longshore drift. (specific to Britain). Longshore drift is the process of waves being dragged in by the current and eroding and affecting the coastline of Britain."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What compass direction are the waves coming from that affect the south coast of Britain?
    North Westerly
    South Westerly
    South Easterly
    North Easterly

2. At what angle do swash waves come in on the British coastline?
    40 degrees
    45 degrees
    50 degrees
    55 degrees

3. If the incoming wave is called a swash wave, what is the outgoing wave called?
    Retreat wave

4. At what angle does an outgoing wave enter the sea?
    85 degrees
    100 degrees
    95 degrees
    90 degrees

5. Sea defences are used to stop longshore drift, ruining beaches across the British coast. Which of these sea defences, built perpendicular to the shore, is often made of wood?
    Stepped sea wall

6. What landform is caused at a deposition point?

7. Which of these is a form of erosion?

8. What is the name of the type of erosion that is distinguished by water entering a crack or crevice of a rock and eventually weakening it and cracking it further?
    Hydraulic action
    It is not a type of erosion

9. When does the pattern of longshore drift stop?
    When the water loses its energy
    When the land changes shape dramatically
    When a strong wind disrupts it
    When tourists swim in the sea

10. Is the city of Plymouth, Devon affected by longshore drift?
    No, Plymouth is a headland
    No, Plymouth is the exception
    Yes, all of coastal Britain is
    No, Plymouth is not on the coast

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Compiled Sep 10 12