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Urban Legends Auto

Created by czolgolz

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Urban Legends Auto game quiz
"Welcome to Urban Legends Automotive! Everything's for sale, and every car tells a story. Have you heard these before?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Welcome, welcome! What can I show you? Just looking? Fine. Say, have a look at this here classic convertible. Fully loaded...with concrete. How did this happen?
    A bumbling homeowner tried to transport lose concrete powder, and it rained.
    A jealous husband filled his rival's car with cement.
    An irate debtor filled his car to prevent the bank from repossessing it.
    A man illegally parked in a construction zone, with tragicomic results.

2. Not your thing? Well, how about this convertible? What? Okay, it's not really a convertible, but you'll have to agree, it doesn't have a roof. What happened here?
    A teenager tried to impress his friends by driving through a culvert, forgetting that his father had just aired up his tires.
    A man threw out his back while making love and the EMTs had to rip off the roof to get the couple out.
    A tourist at Yellowstone ignored the 'don't feed the bears' signs, and the bears did not take it well when he stopped.
    Yao Ming, the basketball star, owned this car. He had the roof removed so he wouldn't have to slouch.

3. Here's a nice little number. 1995 BMW, CD player, leather seats, low mileage...good eye! Yes, the car is completely disassembled. You must be a mechanic. Seems the owner was tortured by a persistant rattle...he eventually had to take the car apart to find the source. What was it?
    A handful of nuts and bolts in the door panel
    An auto worker's watch in the engine housing...along with a hand!
    A cache of stolen diamonds behind the instrument panel
    A family of rattlesnakes in the trunk lining

4. How about a motor home? These RVs are priced to move. If you don't mind a little front end damage, you can take one home today. Which of these is NOT an urban legend about a wrecked RV?
    A biker drove into an RV (or other large truck) at night, thinking he was 'threading the needle' between two oncoming cyclists.
    A driver rerouted the RV's television so he could watch it while he drove...with predictable results.
    An elderly man thought that cruise control would actually drive the car for him.
    A man was surprised to see his naked, middle-aged wife on a motorcycle next to him and ran off the road.

5. Rip-offs? I take offense! You wouldn't believe some of the deals I've made here. Can you spot the non-urban legend from these tales of amazing sales?
    A $50 late model Porche
    Late model sedan, $20, smell included
    A vintage '63 Corvette for $100
    A $70 Harley Davidson motorcycle

6. That old semi? It's not for sale. Kind of tragic story there. It hit another big rig head-on. Know what they found lodged in the grill when they finally wrenched them apart?
    Two cyclists
    A hitchhiker who was still alive
    A VW Beetle with four people inside
    A full-grown elk

7. While we're on the subject, you can never be too careful while driving. Three of these are popular travel legends. Which story did I just make up?
    A road worker throws a stone over a ledge and discovers a fifty-year-old wreck.
    A grandmother dies on a family vacation. Car thieves take the car with the corpse inside.
    A family mistakes a breakdown ramp for a rest stop and is run over by an out of control semi.
    A man in a huge SUV becomes lodged in a car wash and starves.

8. You can never be too careful while driving, you never know if there's a cop around the next corner. Which of these run-ins with the law ACTUALLY HAPPENED?
    A drunk man accidentally drives home in the police cruiser that pulled him over.
    A man sends the police a picture of a check for payment of a traffic ticket. The police send him a picture of handcuffs.
    A woman tries to get out of a ticket by offering to buy tickets to the policemen's ball. The officer replies 'State troopers don't have balls.'
    A hillbilly yells 'Pig' at a passing cop. The cop turns and shouts 'redneck!', then plows into the large hog the farmer was warning him about.

9. Of course, it's not the cops you have to look out for, it's the psychos on the road. In fact, there's a gang out there whose initiation consists of killing certain motorists! What motorists do they target?
    Anyone talking on a cell phone (can't say I blame them)
    Drivers with personalized plates
    Drivers who flash their lights
    Drivers with red or blue cars (gang colors, you know)

10. Well, sorry I haven't been able to interest you in anything. Before you go, have a look at this here pickup. Vehicle fire? Well, yeah, but you can buff that out. Oddly enough, the owner's dog was responsible for the accident. How?
    The dog peed on the seats. The owner tried to use kerosene to remove the stain.
    The dog hit the emergency brake while the owner was filling up the car, causing it to roll into the pumps.
    The owner was illegally fishing with dynamite. His dog dutifully fetched the 'stick' he threw in the water.
    The owner was a meth dealer. His guard dog bit him when he was smoking, causing him to drop his cigarette onto some chemicals.

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Compiled Jun 28 12