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Saskatonians Unite!

Created by Lucay

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Saskatonians Unite game quiz
"Saskatoon... the centre of the universe! Err... the city in the centre of Saskatchewan, which also happens to be a central province of Canada!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Saskatoon is nicknamed River City because the South Saskatchewan river passes through it.

2. A beautiful hotel, built on Saskatoon's riverbank downtown in the 1930's, boasts elaborate red brick and gargoyles. What is this hotel's name?
    The Radisson
    The Delta Bessborough
    The Saskatoon Inn
    The Quality Inn

3. Saskatoon's first High School built in 1909 was orginally called Saskatoon Collegiate. What is it now known as?
    Mount Royal Collegiate
    Nutana Collegiate
    City Park Collegiate
    Bedford Road Collegiate

4. In what year did Saskatoon become a city?

5. What was significant about 2001 Saskatchewan Crescent, which burnt to a pile of ash in 1933 in a suspicious house fire?
    it was a shack
    it was the mayor's house
    it was the largest house ever built in Saskatoon at that time
    it was made of glass

6. Who was Saskatoon's first mayor?
    J. Clinkskill
    D. Pinder
    J. W. Hair
    H. Day Day

7. Saskatoon is Saskatchewan's capital city.

8. Three major Saskatchewan cities, Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert, received three major structures. Which structure did Saskatoon receive?
    The Saskatchewan Penitentiary
    The Saskatoon Berry Jam Canning Factory
    The Legislature Building
    The University of Saskatchewan

9. What time-zone is Saskatoon in?
    Central Time
    Pacific Time
    Mountain Time
    Central Standard Time

10. Which well-known Canadian's hometown was in Saskatoon?
    Michael J. Fox
    Joni Mitchell
    Gordie Howe
    Sandra Schmirler

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Compiled Jun 28 12