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Paul Walker

Created by LuvsthatTrivia

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Paul Walker game quiz
"Paul has been acting most of his life. I thought his acting ability deserved some recognition, so this quiz is about him. Good luck on the quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is Paul's full name?
    Paul William Walker IV
    Paul Walker III
    Paul C. Walker
    William Walker

2. Name the popular TV series that ran from 1984 to 1989, in which Paul made guest appearances as a child.
    "Spencer for Hire"
    "Miami Vice"
    "Highway to Heaven"

3. Paul was on the TV series "Who's The Boss?"

4. In which of these soap operas did Paul appear as Brandon Collins?
    "The Young and the Restless"
    "General Hospital"
    "The Bold and The Beautiful"
    "As the World Turns"

5. Name the movie in which he appeared as Zach's friend Dean.
    "Varsity Blues"
    "She's All That"
    "Meet the Deedles"

6. Paul portrayed Jared in the 2005 release movie "Into the Blue." Had he appeared with his co-star Josh Brolin before?

7. Which of these was Paul's role in "Varsity Blues"?
    Charlie Tweeder
    Billy Boy
    Lance Harbor

8. Paul portrayed Mike in "Noel", a holiday movie that takes place in which city?
    Los Angeles
    New York
    San Francisco

9. What is the name of his first daughter?
    Answer: (One word. 6 Letters. Think bird: __ Lark.)

10. This 2003 movie was written by Michael Crichton and in it Paul portrayed Chris Johnston.
    The Manchurian Candidate
    Jurassic Park
    Running Scared

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Compiled Jun 28 12