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"The Rebel Angels" by Robertson Davies, Part One

Created by ldubose

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The Rebel Angels by Robertson Davies Part One game quiz
""The Rebel Angels" is the first book in Robertson Davies' Cornish Trilogy, and this is my first quiz on "The Rebel Angels." Thank you for playing!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of the college where the majority of the novel takes place? (The correct name, not the nickname!)
    The College of Saint John and the Holy Ghost
    Balliol College
    Ploughwright College
    The University of Toronto

2. With what news does Maria greet Hollier with after summer vacation?
    I love you.
    Cornish is dead.
    I will give you the secret of the bomari.
    Parlabane is back.

3. What great author did Urquhart McVarish's supposed ancestor, Sir Thomas Urquhart, translate into English?
    The Venerable Bede
    Konrad Gesner

4. From which monastic society did Parlabane "go over the wall?"
    The Society of Jesus
    The Society of the Sacred Mission
    The Franciscans
    The Poor Clares

5. Maria Magdalena Theotoky is half Gypsy on her mother's side. What is her father's nationality?

6. What does Mamusia's family name, Laoutaro, mean in Romany?

7. Which author do Ellerman's comments spur Prof. the Rev. Simon Darcourt to emulate?
    John Aubrey
    James Joyce
    Oscar Wilde
    Gertrude Stein

8. Who does Francis Cornish name as his executors?
    Maria Theotoky, Urquhart McVarish and Penelope Raven
    Simon Darcourt, Maria Theotoky and John Parlabane
    Clement Hollier, Ozias Froats and Simon Darcourt
    Clement Hollier, Simon Darcourt and Urquhart McVarish

9. Ozias Froats, former football hero and current "Ornament of the University," is engaged in research into what bodily secretion?

10. Arthur Cornish, although a whiz kid in the world of big money, yearns to be something more. What does he yearn to be?
    An Artic explorer
    A movie star
    A patron of the arts
    Prime Minister of Canada

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