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Black Magic and the Supernatural

Created by robert362

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Superstitions, Magic and Phobias
Black Magic and the Supernatural game quiz
"This is a little journey into the world of the dark powers."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The discredited 'science' of phrenology explained behavior via the 'bumps' in one's head. Who is credited - if that is the word - with the development of this technique?
    Cliffford Beers
    Franz Joseph Gall
    Pierre Janet
    Jean Charcot

2. 'Mesmerism', a forerunner of hypnosis, was developed by Franz Anton Mesmer. Mesmer, however, didn't really understand what he had discovered. How did he explain his 'treatment'?
    Restoring the proper balance of magnetic fluids in the body
    Restoring the proper respiratory rate to the body
    Restoring the proper flow of blood in the body
    Restoring the level of the four basic elements to the body

3. What is the principal difference between an incubus and a succubus?
    Different Genders
    Different Powers
    Different Ages
    Different Geographies

4. Two men named Sprenger and Kramer wrote a book which was the 'bible' of the Middle Ages in terms of witchcraft, magic, sorcery, etc. What is the title of the book?
    The Witch Hammer
    Pagan Rituals
    The Devil's Incantations
    The Evil Realm

5. The belief that a person can be transformed into a wolf is known by what term?

6. A ghost or spirit who engages in mischief is known by what term?

7. The idea that there was a curse on the people who came into contact with King Tut's tomb originated with the untimely death of this individual.
    Lord Carnarvon
    Marc Antony
    Heinrich Schliemann

8. How many cards are there in a deck of tarot cards?

9. Witches are often said to have "familiars". Where are these "spirits" usually found?
    Their pets
    Their paraphernalia
    Their costumes and clothing
    Their powers

10. What useful substance is derived from the saliva of vampire bats?
    Decongestant Agent
    Anti-Coagulant Agent
    Oxidization Agent
    Energizing Agent

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