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A Sometimes Blithe Spirit: Noel Coward

Created by Cymruambyth

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A Sometimes Blithe Spirit Noel Coward game quiz
"A man of many gifts, Noel Coward was a leading light in the British theatre for over half-a-century, and for almost as long on the international stage. Let's see how much you know about him."

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1. Noel Coward was born in a suburb of London (at the time it was a quiet village) in December, 1899. What is the name of his birthplace?
    Golders Green
    Hampstead Heath

2. Coward had a younger brother. What was his name?

3. How old was Noel when he made his first professional stage appearance as Prince Mussel in 'The Goldfish'?

4. After enjoying some moderate success with 'I'll Leave it to You' which he wrote and starred in (at age 21!) and 'The Young Idea', which he also wrote and starred in, he wrote (and starred in) a play that took London by storm. What was the play?
    The Vortex
    The Index
    The Narthex
    The Annexe

5. During the London run of his smash hit, Noel met and fell in love with an American stockbroker. Who was it?
    Jack Wilson
    David Duval
    Mark Massingham
    Richard Steuben

6. During the war years, Coward had a string of very successful plays - 'Present Laughter', 'This Happy Breed' and 'Blithe Spirit', all of which came out in 1942. He also wrote, produced, directed and, of course, starred in, a hit film, 'In Which We Serve'. What else did Coward do during the war?
    He got married
    He was a British agent
    He turned Goldenhurst into a home for evacuees
    He moved to the U.S.

7. After the war, Coward's career took a bit of a nose-dive, and the grim realities of post-war Britain gave rise to a new breed of playwrights (like John Osborne who wrote 'Look Back in Anger'), while critics tended to view Coward's later works as passť bits of fluff. How did Coward deal with this?
    He retired
    He put together a night club act
    He wrote novels
    He opened a theatre school

8. What happened to change Coward's status in 1970?
    He was knighted
    He declared bankruptcy
    He got married
    He was severely injured in a traffic accident

9. Coward was a homosexual. Did he ever 'come out'?
    He didn't have to. Everyone knew anyway
    Yes, he was very open about his orientation
    Nobody really knows

10. Noel Coward died in 1973. Where did his death occur?
    New York

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