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Created by bookphreak

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Psychonauts
Psychonauts game quiz
"This is a quiz on one of the funniest games ever, "Psychonauts", for PS2, X-Box and PC. I have only played the PS2 game, but the X-Box and PC versions are similar. Enjoy this quiz!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Where does our psychic tale take place?
    Whispering Rock
    Wilderness Super Camp
    Secret Garden
    Screaming Stream

2. Where did Raz escape from?
    The local burger joint
    The circus
    A normal summer camp
    His house

3. Who is the crazy janitor, admiral, ranger, chef, and the man behind the summer camp?
    Coach Oleander
    Ford Cruller
    Lilli Zanotto
    Sasha Nein

4. How many Psy powers are there?

5. What tacky item does Sahsa Nein think needs to be destoryed?
    Stained glass lampshades
    Victorian couches
    Fur coats

6. What do you learn in Milla Vodello's mind?

7. Why can't Raz swim?
    Lungfish's Curse
    Fear of water
    Gypsy's curse
    Circus's curse

8. There is something that has happened to the kids at camp. What's missing from them?

9. Who is trying to protect the Milkman in Boyd's mind?
    Rainbow Brigade
    Rainbow Alliance
    Rainbow Girls
    Rainbow Squirts

10. Who is Gloria's inner sunshine?
    Mr. Sunny
    Bonita Solare
    Solaris Sunis
    Sunny McBrightshine

11. In Waterloo World (Fred's mind), Fred faced off against his dead ancestor, Napoleon. In order to win, where did Fred have to get his soldier?
    On the other side of the bridge
    To the cafe
    In the water
    In the stronghold

12. What high school team was tormenting Edgar in his mind for all these years?
    The Gymnastics Team
    The Football Team
    The Cheerleading Squad
    The Basketball Team

13. Why wouldn't Crispin let you pass in his elevator?
    Raz isn't Ford Cruller
    Raz isn't Dr. Loboto
    Raz isn't Fred Bonaparte
    Raz isn't Coach Oleander

14. Sheegor is working for Dr. Loboto, but only until her loved one is freed. Who is her loved one?
    Mr. Pippo
    Mr. Picotile
    Mr. Pokelope
    Mr. Poke

15. During the meat circus level, who was constantly trying to enter Raz's mind?
    Raz's Mom
    Raz's Dad
    Ford Cruller

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Compiled Jun 28 12